What Is Virtual Memory and Why Is It Important?

Virtual memory unit appears to modern operating systems. It enables you to simulate larger RAM that you have installed on your computer.
But let’s see how a program is run. Applications and data, to be used by the processor, have to go the hard disk, where it is stored all when you turn off the computer, the RAM that can be accessed directly by the micro.
It arises, therefore the need to have as much of this, to be able to operate the system properly.
The RAM of a computer, a few years ago, it was a very expensive item. If we add to this, that not all applications that are running are used at the same time, it seems necessary to control the system memory usage.
Although the RAM was expensive, hard drives were not so. You could then use the hard drive to simulate more memory we have. The process was simple, switching into RAM disk portions that were not used at any given time.
This technique manages to simulate, therefore, more memory, and applications or realize what is happening underneath. In a normal operating system, you get to pretend to have twice as undeployed. In return, the system can behave more slowly in some situations.
This is because the speed of data access to the hard disk is thousands of times slower than RAM. If a portion of memory is not in this, the system needs time to read it and return it to the main memory as this is the only place where the processor can execute.
You see memory is organized into levels. First the micro caches that are responsible for having the data you use most often near the processor, then the RAM, leaving as a last resort the hard disk. A more proximity to micro, faster, but memory is much more expensive.
Why is it so important?
If we run out of memory we can not run more programs that are running and have trouble working with more data.
In addition, the use of virtual memory can make your computer run slower if necessary go to the hard disk data. It is always a compromise between the speed and the amount of data the system is able to process.
Never has a more virtual memory settings can be better than an extension of RAM. Moreover, ideally you have a team that did not need to have this feature enabled.
Use in modern operating systems
In each version of your operating system, as this memory is managed and algorithms that govern it are improved. However, the increased use of increasingly sophisticated graphical interfaces and tools makes systems are about devourers of RAM.
One reason why a system improves speed using an SSD is because this functionality. always keep in mind that improved speed of data access, though not spectacular, can greatly help a team with memory limitations because the entire system can face constant crashes.
Can you disable?
Surely you’re wondering if you can disable and if this brings performance improvements. In principle I do not recommend that you disable if you are a regular user. If you have lots of memory, do not use many applications concurrently, but you have performance problems, you can try to disable this feature.
In short, virtual memory allows you to expand your ability to run more programs simultaneously but can make your computer at certain times slower. In a few years and due to the continuous reduction in the price of memory will end up having less importance.

What are The Most Popular Internet Search Engines?

Gone are those times when to seek something had to resort to magazines, telephone directories or physical cuts of old newspapers. The most reluctant to technology still using one of these methods, but most of the population has turned the Internet excellent.

Whether you do not know the knot of a tie, you do not know the phone number of a restaurant, you want the biography of a historical figure or just want to know the meaning of your name, Internet search engines are your best allies.

Generally when we talk about a seeker thought at first instance in the great Google, but there are more search engines that can adapt to your own needs. The most important thing to consider is to always have the clear objective of what it is we want to search. Here is a list of the most popular Internet search engines.

No doubt it is the best and most popular search engine that exists on the internet. It was created in 1997 and over 90% of network users use their service. Besides being a search engine, eventually it has expanded its services to become the absolute leader.

Before we knew it under the name Live Search. It is the official search engine of Microsoft and is characterized by an attractive background image. Your search is based on Powerset2 system. In addition to traditional search allows you to make a list of related searches and customize them according to your preferences.

It is without doubt the born competitor to Google. For many years, he was the leader in search and gradually it became known as a portal, which had yourself content in addition to seeking high quality services as they were missing groups, directories, news, email and more. Created in 1994, its search engine is characterized by providing the tightest your interests and accurate results.

Also known as a search engine Ask Jeeves is characterized by the response to different questions. At first glance looks like a search engine like any other, however, simply tries to answer questions that may arise through the search for the keyword you’ve done. Interesting search engine to expand unsuspected knowledge.

Aol Search
While its search and classification depends on the company Google, its interface allows searches containing videos, pictures, and sounds in real time. Its main strength is the news search.

High view
It was the first full web crawler generating the first large database where search the network. Currently it was bought by Yahoo. It provides widely used as a translator, filter, yellow pages and search people. Their platform is very easy to use and completely intuitive from every point of view.

It also depends on Google, but unlike others, allows a direct link with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and perform search send email instantly. It has a search plugging widely used in the Firefox browser. We must protect the data placed in social networks, especially because searches that do not want to be posted on the social network.

It is today the most search engine differs from Google with its system of “smart search”. In addition to using typical systematic searches, Chacha, is based on including human intelligence for the cast results are in line with what we want. With a full human group, these people called “search consultants” help the user, for a very low price, you get what you want without having to read advertisements or go through many pages with unnecessary information. The method of contacting advisers is varied, as its price. His philosophy is productivity, in these times when our time is money.