How to DIY Pannolenci

Aunique and inimitable dress, an original gift or a Christmas decoration that smells of childhood… All this is possible with the felt, material that will allow us to create special designs and simple, like puppets, dolls, flowers, key chains, but also bags, clothes and many other beautiful objects. Let’s find out right away how to do!
Recalls childhood flavors, it vibrates as a reminder vintage: the pannolenci – some, indeed a few, also said Lenci cloth -, a non-woven cloth, very warm and soft, ideal for DIY creations, from flowers to clothing passing through the Christmas decorations.

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How to Unclog Stuffy Nose?

The blockage is caused by inflammation of the blood vessels in the membranes lining the inside of your nose, most of the time is because of flu, colds or allergies.

So you end up having an excess of mucus in your nose and it ends up impairing your breathing. But know that the nose blocked can be unblocked easily with minimal cost and time.

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How to Make Sandwich Step by Step

Currently many people are concerned about the health, are increasingly taking care of their food. And an item that is becoming increasingly popular is the natural sandwich. To give you an idea, a simple sandwich made with whole wheat bread, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and cheese, contains various nutrients and essential vitamins to meet the daily needs of our body. For you have idea watch benefits:

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How to Cure Back Pain?

A pain is unbearable is the back painknow that we can avoid that pain with simple tips, but if the pain is already affecting his back, let’s spend a few tips to improve the pain.

To give you an idea, a survey indicated that about half of the working population has back problems. Most of the symptoms of back pain are benign, and are usually caused by inflammation, which usually last between two and 12 weeks.

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How Does Water Birth Work

Give birth in water can be a great help to limit the pain, both in labor than in the expulsive phase. Hot water in fact acts on muscles, strained feet and this helps to better tolerate labour. In addition, the weight on the spine is lightened with the consequence of relieving pain that normally is felt during contractions in the lumbar region.

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