What Color Goes with Neo Green

We continue our special on neon colors. This week we’ll all others green with envy!

Certainly this year the green is having considerable success, in all its shades, and it is virtually impossible not to find it in stores. No less important than the other, the hue fluo . Colour particularly suited to blackberries , perfect with the black and white but also total look : for those who want to be the envy of all !

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What Color Goes with Neon Yellow

This week we take care of another fluorescent color, perhaps the most classic of all: the neon yellow.
Here we are at the penultimate article dedicated to neon colors. What color best represents the category, if not the typical fluorescent yellow ?
Read on for some small tips to not look like a highlighter … in these cases, less is more !

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What do You Need for a Birdhouse

Sometime, somewhere, a good man invented birdhouse from a love of living things. History has preserved evidence of the first houses for birds that have emerged. They are of two types – European and American. The European version resembles clay pot, comes from Belgium and the Netherlands dates back to the 15-16 century. The US comes from Indians who trade with Englishmen and Germans in the 18th century. Made of birch bark and stands out with a simple and simple structure as a platform.

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What to Take to Holiday?

With summer rears its nose, is already beginning to talk about holidays. But also when the departure time sounds, what you put in your suitcase? Some will leave with three suitcases of clothes they will struggle to put in the trunk of their cars while others just with jeans and a t-shirt. But rather see now how to find the right balance and optimize the place of your suitcase so you do not miss clothes, but still able to carry your sunscreen tube.

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What will be Fashionable in 2017

We go hunting for trends at Milano Unica, the fair of fabrics, where you can discover in super preview what will be next year’s fashion fabrics and patterns. Because to be “next” trick!

Milano Unica, the fair has just ended. Indeed, the record Edition of the fair of fabrics … because this year the exhibitors (+6%),
visits (+13%) and buyers who take advantage of the event in Milan to touch the fabrics that soon will tread the runways around the world. What about us? We could not miss, because new trends are born here, and sbirciarle preview allows us to give you the straight right to be truly “forward”.

2017 spring/summer collections were presented with four
Lord it trends, unique essence of animals are born of provocations, insights and visions, combining North and South: deep, nature and artifice, Africa Punk and psycho bits. Read more

What Is Glutamine

The add-in has been gaining more and more fans seeking the perfect body, with that sale of supplements greatly increased in the last few years, one of the very sought after in the supplements market is the glutamine, this add-in fits in the category of non-essential amino acid, because it is produced by the human body.

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What is Microcephaly

Currently in the media is on the rise the subject “Microcephaly”, you must have heard a lot of it, but you may not know what it is, this disease called Microcephalyit occurs in the head of children, in which the head and brain are smaller than normal, thus influencing the mental development of the child.

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