Wall Stickers Application

On this page, everything you need to know about wall stickers as well as different categories of stickers offered by IMAGE CREATIONS.

Wall stickers-definition

The wall stickers are some stickers made with a synthetic upper layer (vinyl) that serves to support printing and a lower layer covered with a thin film of adhesive.

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How to Choose LED Flashlights

Selected best professional led flashlights

Sale-lighting has chosen for you the best professional, high quality led flashlights and among the most requested in the technical field. Our lighting experts have selected only the best brands, including could not miss the Led Lenser torches.
The led flashlights are very practical and useful in emergencies or when visibility is poor and are especially suitable for outdoor activities, but also for professional use.

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Antique Round Wall Clocks

Whether refreshing new, funny comedies-beating and roaring funny or heartbreaking love films and dramas. Whether it’s thrilling action and adventure about life and death or horrendous horror scenarios in splatter, slasher and other horror films-the medium Movie with all its genres and sub-genres, with always new premieres and highlights, is among the most popular leisure activities for many people And in the form of a cinema or DVD evening, it is often a welcome change to a disco or club visit at the weekend.

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Best Fishing Rod for Beginners

Often, those who decide to dedicate themselves to fishing, find great difficulty in the choice of the fishing rod that best suits your needs and most importantly, to your (and limited) capacity. In fact, for obvious reasons, beginners will need time to learn the “secrets” of the trade, yet the fishing rod is a tool that cannot and must not fail ever, not even on the first “date” with the marine world. We see then How to choose the most appropriate fishing rod to beginners and by what criteria taken into account in the final decision.

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Best Jacket for My Body Type

The trick mode for good start week: what a jacket will be perfect for my figure this fall?

Between autumn that is not yet installed and the summer who starts seriously living its last hours, we no longer know what to put on the back. Neither too thin nor too thick, the mid-season jacket is the essential piece of autumn which will allow you to enjoy the last rays of Sun and protect you from the cold wind coming.

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