Decorative Mirror Wall Clock

No question about taste can be argued known. But the fact that the innovative residential object “the inverse” an absolute highlight is expected to be agreed at ease all. The result is the clock, which is also mirror the same time, from the collaboration between the watchmaker Leff Amsterdam and the famous Dutch designer Richard Hutten.

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Fenix TK41LED Flashlight Review

Fenix is a company now well established on the market for many years, specialized in the production of high performance LED flashlights and become famous since its first model back in 2005, for which he won numerous international awards. The range of torches in the catalogue is continuously growing and constantly enriched by new products becoming more technologically advanced and cutting edge features.

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Leff Scope 45 Wall Clock

The clock Scope45 by Leff Amsterdam: design highlight in the Store Action “100 days, 100 clocks”.

The first anniversary of Our site, the specialist for high quality wall clocks, alarm clocks and wrist watches presenting the Online Store on not only the new blog as an additional feature and communication tool for customers and fans of modern home accessories, the team around Frank sischke, the founder of the clocks online shops has also come up with many great ideas to offer design fans and Deco lovers a very special shopping experience.

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How to Create a Football Jersey

If you want to create a jersey for your football team school, district or group of friends, you are well on the appropriate page, as in this article, we’ll show you some examples of sports team that you can use and we’ll also give you a template for designing and manufacturing football shirts from home, then let your imagination run free. If you want to see better examples of sports jerseys, you need to click on the image.

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Trebosi Nail Art

I take care of you-Trebosi is a cosmetic foam that acts as a “liquid glove” function protective, a very special news to protect our hands.

I take care of you-Trebosi is a perfect product to be used by professionals in beauty salons but also from us all during their free time, such as when traveling on public transport or we are outdoors. It is a cosmetic foam that creates a complete barrier against the inference of physical agents, aggressive substances such as chemical, acid or alkaline solutions.

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How to Make a Vintage Hairstyle

For two weeks, I post every Thursday an article dedicated to the realization of a haircut. So here we reached the third tutorial hair of the blog. I decided to make you discover a tutorial a little different from the previous. So I opted for a vintage hairstyle tutorial / retro. Don’t worry, this is a hairstyle that is very easy to do at home

FYI, I found this tutorial on an English-language blog:.


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