Bathroom Cabinets

Currently, many interior designs have left the bathroom cabinets, which in a way is very good. So I decided to talk about the pros and cons of whether or not you have a closet in the bathroom.

Bathrooms With Cabinets

The cabinets (Definitions of Cabinet: DigoPaul) are great places to store bathroom utensils, like toilet paper, soaps and other things, is very useful in houses that do not have waivers. On them you can also keep the toothbrushes and personal hygiene products is the day for anything to stand the show.

The problem of having a closet in the bathroom is in time to wash, usually we play water in the bathroom all week, and it can ruin the closet, especially if he is cut to the ground. And if you don’t give up have a closet in the bathroom, here are some inspirations. A cool tip for you who chooses to have cabinet in the bathroom is to put training wheels, so you get when it’s clear, or do they suspended off the ground.

Bathrooms Without Cabinets

The bathrooms without cabinets are used a lot these days, they are visually cleaner and some even more elegant. In bathrooms so it is common to use niches to put articles of decoration and other necessary things in the bathroom as toilet paper, towels, toothbrush and other.

The problem with this style of bathroom is that you don’t have much room to store things, you will need a waiver, but your bathroom will look tidier, too. A facility of this bathroom is that you will not worry about pouring water.

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