What is Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

The non-surgical Rhinoplasty is the treatment of last generation that allows to correct some of the most common defects of the nose. It is not an intervention, then it is not invasive, it costs more affordable and short healing time. Here’s everything you need to know about rinofiller.

The rinofiller is a procedure of last generation that allows those who are not happy with their nose to correct a defect that may create some discomfort: in recent years the Rhinoplasty are high on the list of most popular surgical treatments, but things are about to change, or at least there are less invasive procedures that allow you to fix your nose hump without having an actual surgery. Read more

What is Semi Permanent Mascara

We find an ally of beauty to our eyes: semipermanent mascara as you use and how it works! If you are looking for a 24 hour 24 rimmel able to resist offering always a look intense and deep, permanent mascara is the place for you. But what is it and how is it used?

What is semi-permanent mascara

Are you tired of struccarveli up your eyes in the morning and in the evening? Do you hate having to constantly retouch make-up to brighten the look? With the semipermanent mascara all this will be forgotten because thanks to this newness of beauty have bushy, dark lashes, really, for a long time. It is a black paste that is applied only on the eyelashes and not on the eyelids and can be considered an evolution of waterproof mascara and a cross between regular mascara and false eyelashes. Read more

What is Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy, what it is, how it works and who are the oxygen-based beauty treatments. Are a panacea to purify and rejuvenate your skin and have an affordable cost. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest generation of oxygen treatments.

Why so successful? Simple: oxygen therapy has no side effects , but on the contrary it revitalizes the skin, smoothes wrinkles and makes skin healthy, clean and bright. But let us try to understand exactly what it is and how it works. Read more

What is CC cream

In the confusion of all the colorful and BB creams, CC and DD do clarify what are the CC cream and what are its main objectives than the other.

The Color Control Cream in Unlike the BB cream focus more on the color correction and naturally moisturize and protect. Read more

What is Natural Soap

The natural soaps and traditional soaps are different from each other from the point of view of the ingredients and of the working technique.

The organic soaps are free of those chemical components as are required for industrial products, which serve for example for their conservation. Moreover, they are machined with a traditional technique, slower, which does not alter the ingredients and makes better the quality of the finished product. Read more

What is Pure Gold Collagen for

The season change you know, we twists from the toes to the tip of the hair, no one is immune, you feel tired, apathetic, you sleep from morning to night and the reminder of the bed is worse than that of the sirens of Ulysses: he sings, you calls, longs for you, but you have to react and so put your headphones and off to your days! Read more

How to Do Hair Chalk

Hair colored with crayons? A super trendy fashion already in vogue for some time and in great growth!

Known as Hair Chalking, this particular technique allows you to color in a simple and fast, but mostly temporary, their hair to achieve effects multicolor amazing!

In the early 90’s were the very fashionable mascara stained for hair and since last summer has returned in vogue fashion of hair coloring with crayons. We not by chance have been launched on the market by different brand of special crayons that allow to color the hair impeccably. They are also called eyeshadows hair.

Read more

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