Female Suit

Of the most sensual male, inspired by the celebrities who have used better suits a lot man!

It’s been a long time since the tailoring suits raided the female wardrobe, but it seems that in 2016 they will even take to the streets. Present in weight on red carpets, celebrities have shown that no matter what your style, there’s no one who doesn’t stay good in a suit, be it more colorful and low-cut, or even more masculine, combining, inclusive, with Hat and tie. Read more

Models of Bikinis for Summer

With the arrival of summer many people are looking for models of bikinis to enjoy the hot days and the new models of bikinis have already been presented on the catwalks. Many women are in search of these new models to be in keeping with fashion trends. That’s why we selected below 10 Bikinis Summer 2017 models for you to enjoy your summer in style with the different models of bikinis that will be a success in this season.

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How to Use Printed Leggings

The feminine universe never cease to grow, in news to make them more beautiful every day, with so many innovations some people make mistakes in time to produce and end up failing to pass the image sets, so we’ll give you some tips now to stay stylish and above all showing that you understand trends. Learn now how to use the printed legging pants, exclusive docks not to err on the look.

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