Necklaces Models

Accessories are capable of transforming any basic look in an overproduction or even praise the person who wear it. So, in choosing the ideal semijoias to transform the way you dress, you have to be able to put together trends and items that combine well with who you really are. Read more

What Is Gold Jewellery Made Of

The proliferation of beadwork made it very easy to buy Golden objects that are not gold jewellery. The idea of wearing a different accessory to any look at an affordable price spread parallel to market to the vast market of costume jewellery.

Noting the ease with which merges a golden jewel with a gold jewel and having regard to the seriousness and harmfulness of this confusion, I think I’d better clarify how Golden jewelry are made of and how they differ from those of solid gold.

As I have already had occasion to say with 5 questions about true and false jewels, don’t bite on an object to see whether it is gold or not! Read more

What Is the Meaning of Pandora Charms

The curiosity about Pandora I arose spontaneously, you know. You are witnesses. After my visit from Trollbeads, a question arose spontaneously. Who had the first idea of modular bracelets: Trollbeads or Pandora?

To find out I went directly into a boutique Pandora. Because things need to be done, if you do it well.

No Danish forest to meet me. Yet even Pandora was born in the wonderful Copenhagen.

No woman in silk dress to fidget. Only committed in dark suits . With polite manners.And peaceful. Read more

How to Mix and Match Jewelry

Jewelry and morphology are inseparable
The first point to consider if you want to wear more jewelry and match your morphology. You must choose the right accessories for the latter to optimize your entire look.
Regarding the form of jewelery , It is assumed that repeat the same form only accentuate. For example, if your face is round, circular loops will only strengthen the full form of it. on the same principle, are avoided crew neck collars if our neck is not long, or the multiplication of phalanges rings on fingers plutôts courts etc.

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How to Properly Store Jewelry

You do not think so often that by the jewelry may actually hurt each other if they are stored improperly. It is easy to understand that a piece of jewelry that can not withstand moisture should not lie on the bathroom shelf when not in use, but it is not as obvious that the jewelry should not be in the same box as another jewelry of the same kind. There is a reason that good jewelry box has numerous compartments and departments for this makes it possible to avoid the damage that can occur when chains, earrings, beads and bracelets can be combined.

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How to Put a Pin on

Wear a brooch on a garment gives your light a small very charming unique style, here’s a few tips to well put it in different ways.

 Customize your clothes

A unique way to personalize your necklaces is to choose a string or rope and tie a brooch made of semiprecious stones. What is interesting in this look is that you can change the everyday, and get varied and different pendants according to your outfit. You can also attach a PIN on a bracelet in fabric and wear it as a bracelet nice jewelry fashion. Read more

How to Wear a Necklace

You’re wondering how to choose the size and the ideal length for your necklace, how the wear and choose what type of collar. These are some ideas that can help you in this desire to fashion. Because each port jewelry requires small professional advice, that’s how find your way you and make the right choice.

Set the size of a necklace

On the internet can find a jewelry without necessarily coming to get an idea of its size. To do this check the above measures then take a meter of designer or a double decimeter to make account size. Check as the measurement is taken on the site and whether it is a diameter. Read more

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