Dress Code While Pregnant

It is not easy to maintain a dignity of style when your body becomes day by day until the explosion. The temptation to barricade themselves inside tutone and shirts tell is strong, but there is nothing more wrong and more damaging to the mood, already seriously compromised by the storms. Many women pregnant with a tendency to slip into sloppiness, they should take lessons from some hollywood stars who have gone through the 9 months of pregnancy without ever from the red carpet.

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Which Cheese Can You Eat During Pregnancy?

Insurance, sushi and fresh cheeses are delicious, but in pregnancy, these are top of the list of forbidden foods. What a pregnant can eat goes beyond nutrient and a healthy diet; as simple as a hot dog (hot dog) food or a fried egg may contain bacteria. Although your body may be prepared to fight against them, your little has even safeguards and his life is in danger.

Attention to these lists of prohibited in pregnancy foods and others with which you must be careful.

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How to Reduce Fever During Pregnancy?

Fever in pregnancy usually have the same causes as fever, when you are not pregnant. In the vast majority of cases it is a question of innocuous and transient short-term fever. A frequent cause of febrile illness is viral infections, and some viral infections can have adverse effects on pregnancy.


Parvovirus infection in pregnancy. Short-lived fever disease, joint pain in hands, wrists and knees and a rash on the body and arms/legs, can be signs of Parvovirus infection. Parvovirus infection is the fifth child disease and is also called fifth disease. If the pregnant woman has been in contact with young children, who have the fifth child illness, and if the pregnant have not had the disease as a child, she can become infected. A typical symptom in children who have had a fifth child disease, is that a few days after the fever is gone over the disease, develops a characteristic rash on the face. The cheeks are redder than the skin, incidentally, and similar images after a slap in the face-hence the name fifth disease. A Parvovirus infection in pregnancy may increase the risk of miscarriage, and the development of anemia in the fetus.


German measles (rubella). Previously, this was not an unusual viral infection which can occur in pregnant women. The infection could in the worst case, cause serious damage in the fetus. The number of persons with rubella has decreased drastically after the vaccination program against the disease was started (MMR vaccine given in 15 months and 4 years old). The risk of getting rubella is therefore relevant only for those who are not vaccinated.


Chickenpox. If you get fever and disease feeling which will be followed by a rash, which like to begin on the chest and back and spreads to the face, scalp, arms and legs, it might be chickenpox. Most pregnant women have had chickenpox before they become pregnant. In the few cases where varicella occurs during pregnancy, one should check with a blood test, if it actually is chicken pox. In pregnant can chickenpox be a serious illness requiring hospitalisation and intensive treatment. In addition, the infection in the first half of pregnancy in rare cases (around 2%) cause severe birth defects.


Toxoplasmosis. This is a rare cause of fever. The symptoms of toxoplasmosis can be easy, flu-like symptoms such as weakness, muscle pain, joint pain, headache, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. Most, however, have no symptoms.