Characteristics of Good Shoes

The Sculpture of The Sole

The sole has known to be driving crampons grip and traction of shoes.

-On road, path or in the parks, we recommend that equip you cleats bit marked to facilitate a flexible foot roll.
-Conversely, if you step on any other type of land, we recommend a pair of shoes which studs will be well carved as the grip is very important.

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Trendy Biker Boots

Over the knee boots to wear with sensual, feminine outfits,boots to complete the most of an office look, Texans to recreate the look of a true cowgirl , Chelsea boots to show off the day with a simple casual look: boots and boots that we can choose from during the winter season are always a lot and with the extremely wide choice of models we have available is practically impossible not to find at least a couple that is well suited to our needs and to our style. If we want to add a touch of rock to our everyday look, what we need is a pair of biker boots and even in this case proposals for the winter season abound!

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TCX Airtech Gore-Tex Boots


With protection against rain, the hot shot and the consequences of a fall, the TCX AirTech Gore-Tex probably represent the ideal concentration of a motorcycle for summer boot. They are now certified according to the most recent version of the European standard.

At TCX, the AirTech Gore-Tex boots are not a truly new model. However, we have three good reasons to tell you: we had not yet presented, they are now certified EN 13634 and these are boots waterproof and ventilated, which is always welcome for summer trips to the changing weather.

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How to Maintain High Heels

The feet, especially the heels are often the forgotten of our beauty routine. So, in winter as in summer, we passively attend heels parched, cracked, that create us a big complex of the soles of the feet (not practical under pilate!). Yet, it is not impossible to have beautiful feet of baby throughout the year. Moisturize, erase, plump and live barefoot, such are the solutions. Follow us!

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Kaporal Shoes Pas Cher

Kaporal is a brand of shoes for woman and man fashion which has built its image with its inimitable cut jeans. Kaporal reputation in fashion and trendy men and women ready-to-wear led him to expand his activities.

The French lifestyle brand pulled collections fashion with accessories trends like sunglasses, watches, shoes, or even leather goods.

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When did humans start to wear shoes?

What is the oldest shoe in the world?


Today we will not speak of the need to fit the feet a certain age, when a baby begins to walk, but to the very origins of the garment. Today, various shoes are essential in Western cabinets, but the need had that arise million years ago. Although it is believed that the first humans, those who left Africa to populate throughout Europe and Asia, had to have used at some point some kind of footwear, the oldest vestige of which is physical evidence is much later.

It’s a very basic garment made of woven straw and leather. It is a single copy (missing the other foot has because of missed the routes of the time) and, after the carbon 14 tests, has been dated as 5500 (year up or down) of antiquity. It comes from a cave in Armenia and the size to which corresponds is current number 37. Until further evidence is not, this is the oldest and it is not known if it is male or female or social status or way of life of its user.

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