Shadowhawk X900 Flashlight

If you’re a man and like military articles, so I’m sure you will understand what I’m talking about. Imagine winning a gift or even buy a tactical flashlight with the same molds of the lanterns used by soldiers on a mission of war? Those that come with all the lighting specifications in the most complicated, on the high seas, in snow, in situations of high dangerousness and risk?

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Bass Fishing in Winter

Fishing For Sea Bass In Winter Is Possible As Well As Large

We will talk about bass fishing, especially bass fishing in winter where the nights are cold and unpleasant is where the true fishermen make the difference and that there are times when the fishing boat really has Interesting options, maybe not in quantity, but if in quality. Read more

Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

It was one of the items we searched the most before purchasing when we were planning backpacking and maybe it was one of the best purchases we made. Yes, I already gave the conclusion of the post in the first paragraph because it was worth it, if you have already researched a bit and was looking for a recommendation to buy it there it is. Now if you are still in doubt about which bag to buy and / or want to know more about Orbit -5º follow in the reading that I hope to help.

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How to Run with Water Bottles

Length creates a seat in almost any climate. Runners find it necessary to bring water or sports drinks in some type of water bottle carrier, made especially running water bottle or a bottle of water. Current water bottles are designed to carry out different ways to accommodate the Hall into account the distances covered. Runners who work less than two miles may be able to get a half-liter bottle of drinking water plastic on the short distance, but long-distance runners need more liquid and an easy way to load it.

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Winter Carp Fishing Accessory, Dare The Heater!

The heater is a little known fishing accessory. This is an essential accessory for all anglers coming to defy the carp in the winter.

We explain you need to know for good choose it and use it. Follow the guide!

The heater, what is it?

The heater is a small portable object that is kept around to warm up. It can take different forms. She is most often rectangular or oval.

It allows to warm the extremities of the body through the use of natural elements (fire, ash, hot water or electricity) which give off a very intense heat.

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Rod Action, What Is It?

The action of cane is an inseparable principle of your fishing rod. This principle is on the operation and behavior of your cane at the water’s edge.

Understand and use this principle will allow you to choose your rod fishing or simply better master your outings.

Definition of action of cane

The action of your fishing rod is a basic principle for fish. It is also a key principle used in mechanical physics. But what is it?

Mechanical action and fishing rod

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Fenix TK41LED Flashlight Review

Fenix is a company now well established on the market for many years, specialized in the production of high performance LED flashlights and become famous since its first model back in 2005, for which he won numerous international awards. The range of torches in the catalogue is continuously growing and constantly enriched by new products becoming more technologically advanced and cutting edge features.

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Best Fishing Rod for Beginners

Often, those who decide to dedicate themselves to fishing, find great difficulty in the choice of the fishing rod that best suits your needs and most importantly, to your (and limited) capacity. In fact, for obvious reasons, beginners will need time to learn the “secrets” of the trade, yet the fishing rod is a tool that cannot and must not fail ever, not even on the first “date” with the marine world. We see then How to choose the most appropriate fishing rod to beginners and by what criteria taken into account in the final decision.

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