Tom Ford Luxury Sunglasses

It was after leaving artistic directions of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, the famous designer New York launched its first range of glasses in 2005. Today Tom Ford is considered to be a true creator of fashion trends, it is one of the pioneers of these forms of vintage and retro returned in recent years in almost all collections.

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Sunglasses Frequently Asked Questions

Buying sunglasses should be something pleasant; However, it must be of some recommendations when choosing them. Crystals, protection, mounts, color… Doctissimo, discovers in ten Councils which sunglasses you agree.

Dark glasses always protected from the Sun?

A very dark Crystal does not necessarily protect. More importantly, verify the quality of the sunscreen. Some glasses to see, even if they have transparent crystals, provide sufficient protection against harmful rays.

Can choose the type of glass?

It is best to choose a good optical quality glass which slow down the passage of UV rays. We must look at that carried registered the letters CE and the level of protection, which is 0-4. There are two types of filter glass: minerals (little scratches but they are sensitive to shocks) and the organic (lightweight and shock-resistant). Both can receive treatments, as the anti-glare, the lens (the glass becomes dark with light), color or mirroring.

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