Ermenegildo Zegna and The Elegance of Its Grey Who Enrolls?

For the season spring-summer 2014, Ermenegildo Zegna one thing on the runways made very clear: gray has become the new black in summer times. And Yes, it is not nothing new because we know that you saw equal and it is much cooler in the summer but, structuring a collection around this concept, innovating in the ranges, the total look, garments and the potential that can be combined with new shades… that loved Trendencios is new.

The cut of the garments as well as the global set of them reminiscent of the season of two years ago of Calvin Klein, with items that style adventure such as the Saharan, the Aviator jackets or pants cargo (that Yes, in a much more formal and elegant version) is steeped in tones of blue graffiti and muted Green in the wake of the grey, they come in harmony perfectly with what the firm sought in its collection.

The Blues, as expected, adapt without problems to this new idea and combined in the form of obtaining in two-piece suits, straight cuts and sober style shirts or even in fashion accessories and footwear collection. They especially the re-enactment of the returned low is not but a long extra on shirts (Poplin, cotton and long flax) to contrast the rigidity of the suits armed with the mistiness of their shirts.

In short, a very appealing and with many fresh notes collection that however does not lose at any moment her composure and chromatic sobriety and sartorial, with a safe bet in the grey and blue and these reminiscences safari and 80’s in your clothes that you give a unique and exclusive touch.

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