Female Suit

Of the most sensual male, inspired by the celebrities who have used better suits a lot man!

It’s been a long time since the tailoring suits raided the female wardrobe, but it seems that in 2016 they will even take to the streets. Present in weight on red carpets, celebrities have shown that no matter what your style, there’s no one who doesn’t stay good in a suit, be it more colorful and low-cut, or even more masculine, combining, inclusive, with Hat and tie.

Trend that comes from afar
The first time the suit appeared as feminine look was in 1930, when Marlene Dietrich shocked the world by appearing in the film wearing a suit and tie. She had no idea, but after this striking appearance, the female suit remained present and increasingly full of style and attitude.

Now, he appears even more sensual, with silhouettes drained and cut generous, as seen in famous collections like Blake Lively, Rachel Zoe, Iggy Azalea, Solange Knowlese and Esther Quek.

Some people prefer to make the line more masculine and abusing the dark suit and tie. More cinturadas silhouettes add sensuality to the look. Tights and a little shorter leave the visual quite interesting, without losing the essence.

Suit without losing the tenderness
Want to play in the trend of bland, without losing the style cool and fun? It’s just betting on different models, as draped asymmetrical, plus or mix of textures and colors. Check out the production of celebrities. Inspiration is you won’t miss!

To take the seriousness of production, how about replacing the classic shirt by shirt? Rita Ora showed that knows how to innovate, mixing trend and comfort without losing the charm and elegance of the suit.

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