How to Apply False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are not accessories for everyday makeup, however use them without fear for different occasions. They offer a more dramatic and expressive look in your eyes. The application of false eyelashes is not very easy to achieve, for this job you need patience and concentration. Here are the steps that you must follow in order to acquire a look shrouded in mystery:

Step 1. The desired look 

First of all it’s important to decide on the look you want to have. If you go to a club you have the option for very long and thick eyelashes lost if, say, you’re the bride, try long eyelashes, but with a more natural look.

Step 2. Choose suitable color 

Also according to the occasion, you can choose from various colors. The offer is wide and you can wear false eyelashes starting from black to a sophisticated, Brown make-up for a natural make-up, day or for a fun event (e.g. Halloween).

Step 3: remove eye makeup 

Even if you were wearing makeup or not, pass a cotton pad and a cream cleanser, insisting in the eye area. This step is required to offer more grip to false eyelashes, which you paste it better to clean skin that has dead cells or traces of makeup.
After waiting 10 minutes up removal, in which give skin Truce to breathe, after which followed the next step.

Step 4: make up eyes 

If you want to apply your Foundation, and the right time. False eyelashes are the last step in the trick, after applying Foundation, face powder, eye shadow, pencil (that is absolutely necessary to use before the application of false eye lashes to avoid discrepancies).

Step 5: apply false eyelashes 

False eyelashes kit comes with a special glue (do not use another type of glue) and possibly a special pliers for the application of the lashes. Apply the glue on the edge of the lashes (the part that needs to stick on the eyelid) and glued with care as close as possible to your natural lashes, with the help of the clamp and the help of the tips of the firm. Wait 3-4 minutes and stare at them and make good with your eyes closed to totally dry the glue.

Step 6: The finishing touch 

After applying the false eyelashes, you can sketch out the eyebrows with a pencil for eyes, for a perfect appearance.
In addition, if the lashes look too long you can adjust the length with scissors, with so much attention though, avoid cutting the natural lashes.

Step 7: apply mascara 

Usually, the application does not require the application of false eyelashes mascara. If however you want to look more sophisticated, he spends 2-3 times the brush of mascara on the eyelashes. Do not apply too much mascara because it will too, and the job fate up to this point would no longer have the same desired results, the finale being a trope loading and very artificial.

Tricks and tips 

False eyelashes can be removed when turning up Remover or you pull gently with two fingers.
Usually, false eyelashes you can use repeatedly – after they’ve been removed, clean them carefully with a cotton swab softened in eye makeup remover.
Do not apply glue directly on the eyelids because it can get into your eyes and can cause serious vision problems.

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