How to Wear Vintage Clothes

Rachel Bilson, known as “the Queen of Vintage” by Glamour UK channels a boho look. Credit Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Some call already recycled clothing worn or used; others prefer retro or vintage. Whatever term you use, more people focusing on its value. Wear vintage shows “you are shooting out of the pack. You are able to make your own mind about your own style, and you do not have to follow whatever the current trend is,” said Kerry Taylor who runs an auction house specializing in vintage sewing.

The lesson: Do not neglect the hand-me-down or articles used mode. These days, even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England is shopping her closet: His white robe decorated with the national bird of Trinidad and Tobago has received a makeover with Swarovski crystals in the shape of sheets maple for her to wear again in Canada. Just a little thought to resemble a trendsetter instead of a time traveler.

To choose

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fashion consultant Natalie Joos suggest mixing and matching. Photo credit Vivien Killilea / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Find one large piece vintage or retro and build your outfit around it, like a leopard coat with basic black separates. An evening gown from the 1960s to light full skirt becomes appropriate office by adding vintage sweaters in a neutral color, lace tights and slippers instead of retro pumps and accessories.

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Think outside the box because “if you hit the streets of Betty Draper-esque dress, coat, hair and heels, people might think youâ € ™ re in costume for Halloween,” says Glamour UK.

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Relax and have fun. fashion consultant Natalie Joos agrees that it is best not to take too vintage letter.”Think ambience rather than the costume-y,” she told Elle magazine.

Rethink and revise

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Recycled: Queen Elizabeth wearing a dress turned to a visit to Canada in 2010. Photo credit Chris Jackson / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Take a look at these hand-me-down failures and consider the possibilities. Just as the Queen – or rather, her dressmaker – you can take something old and make it new.

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Mix and match items traditionally worn with other pieces in your wardrobe. For example, take a skirt suit and wear the skirt separately from its matching jacket.

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Small adjustments, like pulling the shoulder of a jacket, a dress or shorten safeguarding the buttons can make a big difference in transforming wardrobe pieces.


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fashion editor with Cobb adds a vintage bag with a modern set at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in Australia in March 2013. Photo credit Graham Denholm / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Use a vintage handbag, big sunglasses or glittering jewelry to add a nostalgic touch to a modern set. Try a 70 slouchy hat, lady gloves 50s or even ’20s feathered headband.

2ND step

Paint the second store and collect what you like. Then find a place for it in your wardrobe.

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Follow Hollywood celebrities to combine top-down fashion, but make it your own. Australian stylist Nicole Warne told InStyle magazine that vintage pieces more suggestive “do not look like they are vintage at all.”

Go Bold

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Dita von Teese is the lady in red ’40s style head to feet. Photo credit Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Follow in the footsteps of the vintage fashion lovers like Dita von Teese and Katy Perry and owning your look. Express your passion for fashion for 40 years, 50 years or whatever suits your style.

2nd step

If you are interested in a particular time or designer, do some research in advance. Build your all around unique or distinctive trends of the time, as China crepe dress, a costume padded shoulder or skirt one-of-a-kind ring.

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Do not forget the hair and makeup appropriate era, at least for the evening. Follow through with the hair of a square valve if you dress ’20s style or an elegant chignon and red lipstick if you want to be a’ 40s vamp.


  • Look for vintage clothing in all, thrift stores shipping, with haute couture collection of shops.Visit your favorite frequently, and keep an open mind.

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