How to Wear Vintage Style

The answer is paramount! Between the desire for a dress for a night and that a complete wardrobe for the day, it is obvious that the objective is different!

If you want some outfits to come out on a good opportunity or for the weekend, you can start looking for the dress of your dreams. We will then advise to have some vintage cardigans to match your dress in many ways, and when buying a second dress, basic can agree with some all. How about a nice pair of simple shoes, a bag, a pair of gloves and a beetle to complete your outfit from Sunday! If you prefer the flared dresses, it will also invest in a good petticoat.

In short, with a base of 2/3 dresses, boleros and a few accessories, you can already much fun (for that is the most important thing, is not it?).

A complete wardrobe for every day is acquired with time (it will arm you with a lot of patience …) and money (we never change her wardrobe in one day!)

2 / Do you really know your body and what looks best on you?

It may sound silly words like that, yet. sometimes dream of a dress that unfortunately is not made for us. It is therefore important to know his body, his faults and his qualities, in order to bring the best value. You have curves on the hips and thighs, and you want to hide? Flared dresses can be a solution. You do not have too much chest or hip, you are fine and slender? The 20 year style will be perfect for you!

Then it is good to know their hip circumference / waist / chest … to hunt around on the net!

3 / While learning about times …

… To better understand what you like.

We do not ask you to ESMOD, but it is important to have some knowledge! Would that learning to dating unearthed robes … What could you be useful for avoiding scams (too expensive dresses or which does not correspond to the time announced by the seller). Then, well, it’s also nice to know what you wear, right?

Not to mention that every time her figure, and as said in Question 2, some periods and styles will suit best suit your personality and your physical. We will make a summary topo in the next article, with examples!

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