Impossible Not to See The New Simons for The Spring-Summer 2014 and Have Earn Good Time

I recognize that I’m the Simons Canadian firm since very little, that first glance seemed a very normalito retailer, with clothes that we might well find at H & M or the Pull & Bear (to give two examples of Low Cost companies) and that they are betting on the topics of life season.
And today, I still think the same, you should not go to think otherwise… but well it is true that competitive prices and above all the quality of the garments (which is clearly superior to the two firms that I mentioned earlier) have managed to conquer me. And if it is over curran a good season lookbook like this, you have enough cattle with affordable public.
His creative line as you can see is quite eclectic: they are committed to a very elegant sportswear in the form of jerseys & hoodies that combined with shirts or polos to get more youthful aires and preppys. The colour palette is very much alive, with cakes, electric colors and even innovates with the color block But yes, no trace of total looks that it makes that large firms and their more sober proposals.
Prints is another thing that I like: floral, polka dots, vichy and even military style in their add-ins box both upper garments as inferior. And to make matters worse (although nothing new), a navy-style in the warm clothes and the collection of trench coats and jackets coming us Pearl to match shorts in pastel tones and the collection of shoes that will be on the same wavelength.
Collection easy, nothing new, we’ve certainly seen other times but rather superior, with an online shop from which to make orders and orders and a very interesting collection of plug-ins. I don’t know if to take into account but at least don’t miss you view.