Necklaces Models

Accessories are capable of transforming any basic look in an overproduction or even praise the person who wear it. So, in choosing the ideal semijoias to transform the way you dress, you have to be able to put together trends and items that combine well with who you really are.

To help you, we will list the necklaces models that promise to make space between the celebrities and the fashion runways of the world and all this combined with the superior quality of PIP’s parts Store.

Long Vintage necklaces

The long vintage necklaces continue as tendency to 2017, but gains new air with the body chain. Here at Internetages you can get more models of the jewelry. They can be wearable, like the ones used on the fashion runways this year summer or only lengthen until the waist line to follow deeper necklines.

The long necklace with pendant and stones or with two points of light are great choices to create looks more daring and take advantage of the trend to bring out the sensual side of every woman.

Geometric Necklaces

Another trend that also continues and gets more and more space in the composition of look of Brazil are the geometric necklaces. The maxi necklaces are the most sought after by those who want to impact with shapes and colors, but you can also incorporate smaller collars to make the look more sophisticated and sober.

The geometric necklace set in zircônias is ideal for those who want to give an up in looks simpler, leading brightness and style for the day to day.

Sober necklaces models

Yellow Gold, rhodium or rhodium black continue with everything over the next few seasons and the pieces that highlighted concern the more sober, i.e. they have pendants without much stone and with classic lines.

Among the options are the Pip Store necklace pendant with crucifix and the hollow heart pendant necklace that has the amount of brightness ideal for turning any composition in an ideal look for all occasions.

The fashion experts also indicated that the longer necklaces will be prone to 2017, including the Strip chockers. The best part is, these models help to elongate the silhouette while the compositions that seem a bit lifeless.

If you want to be in fashion in 2017 and still enjoy exclusive pieces, visit the website of PIP’s Store and find several models of necklaces.

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