Nokia Smartphones

Nice was the time, when the Nokia 3210 or 3310 from the pocket fell and without the smallest scratch any fall. These mobile phones were simply indestructible and could withstand all the stresses of everyday life.

With the era of the smartphones, the models of the Finns unfortunately got under the wheels, so a sale of the mobile division to the Microsoft went over the stage. This contract stipulated that Nokia was not allowed to produce its own smartphones for a certain period of time. This period seems to end now.

Nokia: Smartphones And Tablets

Nokia is again on the rise, or at least one dares in Finland a new attempt. By the end of the year, the company would like to present new and, above all, its own smartphones. So at least the statements of a manager at Nokia. Overall, there are probably up to four different devices, which also include tablets. The presentation for the public is still going to take place this year, even if the sales start is then only to take place in the first quarter 2017.


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Market Launch In Europe Is Slow

Whether or not we will be able to benefit from new Nokia smartphones in Europe is still to be doubted. Because the first messages to the new Nokia devices come from China. Obviously, one would first want to create a market there and expand the target group only afterwards and success. At the very least we should be pleased that the pioneer of mobile entertainment comes back on the market. As long as we are spared the jamba subscriptions and pixelated cover images, we may be more than satisfied.

Nevertheless, well-known competition awaits Nokia. With Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, OnePlus and consortia, the comeback is not necessarily easy. Nokia will already have to have very good equipment and attractive design in order to be able to win once again its former customers.

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