Phone Designer Recreates Would like to out a Nokia Lumia Aluminum

Blog about theme Nokia It is easy to find us with works of designers who imagine and recreate how you would like to be the new phones from the Finnish company, lately appear many designs on Lumia, some other noteworthy devices such as that here in the news.
Sunday morning we want to share with you a gallery of images, which belongs to the Nokia Lumia 999 concept, created by Phone Designer. Imagine it with aluminum body, screen of 4.3 inches, and on the sides (not mechanical) touch sensitive buttons.
The design does not escape the lines original Lumia, and is really attractive. It is impossible to know at this point how much the new Windows Phone of Nokia phones will look like what you imagine Phone Designer, but it is curious to see how they dare already to think of aluminum, according to the latest rumors pointing to that material.
Concept designer leverages to submit a customization of the monochrome screen, that makes the set look more elegant if possible. We also highlight the central location of the camera, we note that the designer thinks also in functionality.
Do you like the idea of Phone Designer? Aluminium or polycarbonate?

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