Sports Bra

The other day I was running ecstatic when I met Sandra Ramos, Running Lisbon. We’ve known each other for years and she is comfortable with me to tell me the truth. And then and exclaimed:

-Baby, you’ve got to go with me to a place to buy a few bras that will change your life!

I, who had spent a fortune on a bra that was, I told him that I had read in a book that her bra was, and that I was happy. She scoffed.

-You might be happy but I see of front running. And I see. And what I saw was a volume to bounce dangerously. That’s bad for you. And I have the solution.

Then began the night a number of accolades at her bra strap carrying, it was a beauty, who had changed your life, which was spectacular, I had to try. Was so laudatory that asked him if earned Commission on sale of those whose, but she assured that no, that was how that imbued with a spirit of public service, seeking to save women who run (and even those that do not run) they bubbies, sore, embarrassed and cabisbaixas.

It’s been months since this first conversation and we were combining and postponing-various-a visit to the workshop. But she never left me and the other day, I went there. Sandra, that doesn’t mess around when it comes to defend what he believes in, made a point to go with me.

I was very well attended, you could tell the League that Ana knew more of boobage asleep than I awake, took the measures, said I was really poorly served, and gave me to try two running sports bras with elastic fabric. I was immediately rendered. Each breast is encapsulated in your pantry, what causes a person to be a species of mono-flat breast. I felt so great support, a relief to feel like soon to bring one of them dress. It is true that I haven’t had tried to run and therefore left a margin for disappointment. I brought two sports.

However, I’ve been running with the two. And I couldn’t be happier. I realized why Sandra spreads the word as if it was public service. Because, in fact, is nothing moves, the handles don’t mark the shoulders because the bracket is made in the chest, anyway… perfect! And I also don’t get commission, but I think women like these deserve a support as it should be.

Oh! Note that the bra company isn’t just Sports Bras. There is lingerie for all tastes (I, in addition to the two sports, bought a falls-falls that has no comparison with any other that has purchased not just doesn’t fall as safe and well).

Seriously: go ahead, try it, and then tell me if it’s not something for a person to harass women on the street (as Sandra made me) and show them the light.

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