Time-It LED Watch

This was of the wireless technology in which live gets in all sectors to redesign something as everyday as a wrist watch on a wireless gadget. Do you have discovered the? Time-It?

Gives the same if it is day or night: you can read the hours and minutes as if you were an alien. Your powers will be the system of display by means of led (light emitting diodes) of this brand and you will see the numbers clearly well.

This new idea as a wristwatch, that seems more Bracelet Watch at first glance, was finally launched in 2006 after 4 years of research. This led watch is priced at 129 euros in CENTRALLEDWATCH.

Its creators, Ramon Groen and Mikael Mourgue and team, devised a battery recharging system clock wireless mode (bottom photo) with the “Magic Box” magazine: winding is definitely behind us.

Minute, or seconds, or sphere. It is one Broadband Silicon. It adheres to the wrist without even buckle and is fully water resistant.

The hours and minutes are marked the small spheres by Led along the wrist watch, lighting up the numbers to the left or right as they pass. Making magic.

You can choose between two styles: the Classic, smooth silicone with a complete catalogue of colors and a more sport style; and the Cubic, with silica woven and more elegant. The two lower photos with Cubic.

Sure my nephew shuffles with a model of these but until you fail to stop losing them will follow its model Spiderman. Do you like?

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