Tips to Return to Confident Work

More importantly than the style of clothing that demands your work, is that you feel well and fundamentally confident to face another year that you want to succeed. We left some advice to start this new phase.

1.Renew your wardrobe and update it according to new trends. Just like your clothing, let your underwear reflect your personal style: Fair cuts if your preferred style are clothes with fair cuts; Smooth if you prefer a simple and timeless style; With current prints if you like to be bold in your choices.

2.For work, invest in interior T-shirts to use under shirts. They will make you even more comfortable. You can opt for a white or black T-shirt according to the color of your shirt. The V-neckline T-shirts are the most advised to be seen under the shirts.

3.Opt for innovative solutions such as innovating underwear regulating body temperature according to temperature oscillations. If it is cooler, prefer Thermo’s interior lines that will protect you from lower temperatures.

4.Always think of your comfort and prefer the materials that let your skin breathe, such as cotton and natural fibers of excellence like Lyocell and Modal.

5.At color level, neutral tones always work: white, black, grey, blended, navy blue.

6.After work day, relax and go to the gym. Don’t forget sporting underwear in your bag, which is particularly important for the males. Prefer evaporative materials and away from moisture, helping you to have a greater performance in sports practice.


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