Topman and Sibling We Painted Christmas with… Deer Y Calaveras!

Two large London menswear, Topman and Siblings, United for a Christmas collection what more can you ask? Well, ask that it is not: a little color, innovative and different designs as the US has Topman accustomed, a little bit of style urban as presents Sibling in their collections and should not be forgotten that it is a Christmas collection much request? It seems to be that not because they have ignored us and Here’s the result for all of you.

A distinctive so recognizable in Christmas as they are the deer and the roe deer but taken to a completely different and transgressive extreme. Of them, we are left with the horns, and so it the thing is rather more rebel, We planted them in a skull and we tried all this, aromatically speaking, look like Christmas and touching.

Uspot of different jacquard on red, electric blue, and some beige to refine the atmosphere and everything this present point jerseys ideal to combat the cold, pants, t-shirts, long sleeves and accessories such as hats and scarves in wool. A collection with a lot of character as both firms are usually put in their collections, and with a Christmas twist for all those who flee the tartan, deer, mistletoe and jerseys’s Valances.

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