What Garment Will Not Be Missing in Your Letter of Kings of East Year? The Question of The Week

Less than a month to see us singing Christmas carols and making last-minute purchases, in Jezebel man we wanted to anticipate the rush to have everything controlled when it comes to Christmas. For those who, like me, bring forth waiting round the time of write your letter to the three kings, You asked:

What clothing will not miss in your letter of Kings of this year?

While you are leaving your imagination with all the clothes you are going to put in your letter of Kings, let’s return to reality with the answers to the question of the week (my mother, which wanted to know your gossip). For he who does not remember it:

What is the most expensive piece of your wardrobe?

With Pedro Italiano, my joy in a well if you wanted to find me juicy gossip:

A gentleman does not speak of the price what you use. Never.

Hipsterico not enter to wipe:

This question is “to see who is bigger”, basically.

Or Tato333:

Is a total lack of class and style to comment on the price of what you use.

But now that Yes, go with the juicy replies. Joachimo says:

The most expensive is a suit by Armani which I have from a few years ago. I think that you cost me about €1200, but I must admit that it has been one of my best investments, since it is still very current (when I bought it, the slim cut didn’t get much in Spain), I feel perfect and in addition to wearable, also use pants and jacket separately in more informal moments.

McGrego raises the bar as the foam:

I thing more expensive that I have in my closet are the costumes, especially those of Dior, which are worth one €1,800 more or less. Apart from costumes, everything from Dsquared2 tends to be expensive.

Equias is surprised and tells us that any garment in your closet is worth more than a hundred euros:

As does’s pesetas. Surprised I am. I don’t have any garment that has cost more than 100 euros, or more than 150 costumes. But the hanger the hanger is, and mine, is the cane. :)

My colleague Bernatt has encouraged this week to answer:

From 45,95 EUR Zara shoes… It is not a joke… They cost 39.95 EUR.

Javitm_20 also shows more humble:

It gives me the most expensive may haunt the €40. Clothes are more expensive, such as coats or shoes, always buy them on sale. And very happy that I am.

Edufr tells us the garment but not the price:

I guess that a measure of Britto’s suit

Álvaro Sáenz de Baranda gives us much envy with your budget:

The most expensive thing I have in the closet… a wrap dress from Armani Collezioni, think about 1200 more or less

Davedack is, like many of us, the team Dolce & Gabbana:

The set of clothes that I have of Dolce and Gabbana, but there is nothing that feels better.

Clevernarcotic has been the most lucky:

Because I don’t pay it, it was a gift, but I think that will be my Burberry scarf.

Jimmy Floid also wanted to leave his confession this week:

A coat Peuterrey of 600 and peak euros, fantastic for cold, a purchase of ten. And a €300 Dsquared2 shirt that was a gift.

Xmilax response has been that more has made me smile:

I just look at my locker with sadness and the most expensive is a Paul Smith coat hanger. This which says that past were no better. In my case Yes (crisis crap).

Irdcuzko is more leather to spend more money than usual:

I the most expensive I have is a leather jacket, about 250 euros.

And finally, Jjcc992 beat our own record of the question of the week:

A quilted leather bomber of about 3000 Gucci and beak and a coat of Givenchy’s 1500 cloth.

And so far have reached your numerous responses from the question of the week. We ended up Recalling the of this and we encourage you now to go answer it. Thanks a lot!

What clothing will not miss in your letter of Kings of this year?

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