10 Valuable Tips to Conserve Phone Battery

Today with the diversity of applications and the many functions that smartphones take, running out of battery is a common problem and almost daily for many people.

10 Valuable Tips to Conserve Phone Battery

Thinking about this, we select some tips to make the most of your cell phone battery. Check out:

  1. Change The Way Home

The rest of the screen, the function that turns off the screen after some downtime, come configured to keep the screen on (and, consequently, spending more battery) for a longer time than necessary. For this, you can reconfigure it to a more economical use, where the screen sits more quickly.

  1. Decrease The Screen Brightness

The screen is the main consumer smartphone battery, and for this you should not leave the brightness in your greater intensity, since you will end up spending all your battery if you do.

  1. Avoid The Vibrate Mode

Use the vibrate mode on your phone consumes more energy than just leave it on silent or to play normally.

  1. Torch And Flash Only When Necessary

The flash brightens dark environments, used also as a lantern consumes a lot of battery. For this, let the flash set to off on the camera, and use it (as well as the flashlight) only when necessary, if you pleneja save battery.

  1. Use Airplane Mode

Leave your cell phone looking for signs in areas where this is weak or non-existent spends an enormous amount of battery. For this, put the phone in airplane mode in these areas is a great option to save the effort (and battery) of the smartphone.

  1. Disable The GPS While You Are Not Using

If you are not using the local function or navigation and still keep the GPS connected, your smartphone will be constantly seeking and updating your position, which carries on a high battery expense (unnecessary).

  1. Automatic Updates

Let the AutoUpdates smartphone is simple and even more efficient, but if you’re low on battery and charger around and start applications automatically update much of your battery will drain without you even realizing it.

  1. Don’t Forget The Background Applications

Every user of smartphone often is hovering between in an application and another, especially when a new notification. What happens is that if you change your application and do not close the other, this will be in full functionality, spending as long as you do not use the battery. For this, remember to close them whenever possible to save battery and leave open only the application you are using.

  1. Use Battery Management Applications

Nowadays there are several applications that help you automatically conserve battery power, have one of them on the phone can be a great outlet for emergency moments or lack of charger.

  1. Turn Off Bluetooth When Not Using

As well as the Local function of the GPS, Bluetooth will be constantly looking for devices available to notify and connect, this makes the smartphone spend a lot of battery by scanning the site unnecessarily.

Now that you know how to save your cell phone battery:

Bonus: The 3 Most Common Beliefs (And Wrong) About Charging The Battery Of The Phone

1-you do not need to give an initial load of 24 hours on battery, or wait for the complete charge before using the appliance for the first time.

2–the battery is not “addictive” If you take the charger before her load 100%.

3-you don’t have to wait for the battery discharge completely before charging it again, this does not change the life of the appliance.