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According to abbreviationfinder, Ali Akbar College of Music is commonly known as AACM. The Ali Akbar College of Music (AACM) was founded in 1967 by legendary sarod master Ali Akbar Khan in Berkeley, California. It was the first school of Indian music and dance outside of India. Since its inception, AACM has been dedicated to preserving and promoting the traditional music of India while also providing a platform for innovation and creativity. The college has a rich tradition of excellence in teaching and performing, with renowned teachers such as Zakir Hussain, Swapan Chaudhuri, and Hariprasad Chaurasia all having taught at AACM. In addition to providing instruction in classical Indian music, AACM also offers courses in related topics such as dance, philosophy and culture. The college is known for its commitment to passing on the rich heritage of Indian music to future generations.

Over the years, AACM has grown into an internationally recognized institution for Indian classical music education. It now offers classes at various levels from beginner to advanced, as well as workshops and seminars throughout the year that are open to all students regardless of experience level or background. In addition to its main campus in Berkeley, AACM has opened satellite campuses in cities around the world such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, London and New York City. Each location offers classes taught by experienced instructors who bring their own unique style to their teaching methods while still adhering to the core principles of Indian classical music that have been passed down through generations.

Degrees Offered and Departments

Ali Akbar College of Music offers a variety of departments and degrees to its students. The college is home to the Department of Indian Classical Music, which offers courses in both vocal and instrumental music. The department has classes dedicated to the study and performance of North Indian classical music, including Dhrupad, Khayal, Tarana and Thumri. Students in this department can pursue a three-year Diploma in Hindustani Vocal or Instrumental Music or a four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Music. They can also specialize in any one specific instrument such as sitar, violin, flute or tabla.

The college also has a Department of Western Classical Music which offers courses on classical music from Europe, such as Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods. Students can pursue a three-year Diploma in Western Classical Music or a four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Music with specialization on instruments such as piano, guitar and violin. Additionally, the college also provides short term certificate courses for beginners who want to learn the basics of Western Classical Music. The faculty includes highly experienced musicians from all over India who are dedicated to providing quality education to their students.


Ali Akbar College of Music has consistently ranked among the top music colleges in the world. Founded by legendary sarod maestro Ali Akbar Khan, it has been a leader in Indian classical music education for over five decades. The college is located in San Rafael, California and offers a wide variety of courses in Hindustani and Carnatic music as well as other related disciplines such as dance, theory and composition.

The college has become renowned for its highly competitive admissions process, which includes an extensive audition process that evaluates candidates on their technical ability and musical knowledge. Ali Akbar College of Music also offers courses in various instruments such as the sitar, tabla and sarod. Students can pursue degrees in Bachelor’s or Master’s of Music or a Certificate program. Each year the college publishes an annual report that outlines its rankings among other prestigious music schools around the world. According to this report, Ali Akbar College of Music consistently ranks among the top 10 music schools worldwide for Indian Classical Music education.

In addition to its academic programs, Ali Akbar College of Music also hosts concerts featuring some of India’s greatest musicians who have studied at or taught at the school. These concerts provide students with invaluable opportunities to observe their teachers perform live and gain insight into their musical style and techniques. The college also organizes workshops throughout the year that are open to both students and the public alike, providing further insights into Indian classical music performance styles and techniques.

Admissions Requirements

The Ali Akbar College of Music is one of the most prestigious music schools in the world. Admission to the college requires a rigorous application process, including a formal audition and an interview with faculty. All applicants must have either a high school diploma or GED equivalent, as well as at least two years of private music instruction from an accredited teacher or institution. Applicants must also submit three letters of recommendation from teachers or professionals in the music field, preferably those who have heard them perform live. Additionally, applicants must submit an essay outlining their musical goals and aspirations.

The college also requires that all applicants complete an online theory assessment to demonstrate their knowledge of music theory and ear training. This assessment is designed to measure the applicant’s understanding of basic musical concepts such as harmony, melody, and rhythm. A score of at least 80% on this assessment is necessary for admission into Ali Akbar College of Music. Finally, all applicants must take part in a live audition before a panel of faculty members. The audition should include performance on two contrasting pieces representing different styles and periods; improvisation; sight-reading; and scales/arpeggios/technical exercises appropriate to their primary instrument.

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