Amount Basics


The idea of ​​amount refers to a quantity (a portion or a number). The concept is often used of a measurement that is vague, imprecise, or indeterminate.

For example: “The amount of the canon that restaurants must pay has not yet been defined”, “Social works intend to increase the amount they receive each month”, “The novel contest announced an increase in the amount of the reward financial award to the winner”.

Let us suppose that a government grants an aid of 1000 pesos per month to university students of technical careers. If, in the face of an economic crisis, he decides to cut that aid by 50% and starts delivering 500 pesos a month, it can be said that the amount was reduced.

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Let us take the case of a resolution that requires bars to pay a fee equivalent to 5% of their gross income if they wish to use public space to place chairs and tables outdoors. If the authorities decide to increase this canon to 7% of gross income, the amount to be paid by the bars will grow.

The pension is a payment that can be temporary or for life due to a particular situation or to having reached the age limit established by law to carry out a work activity; Taking the second meaning (that is, as a synonym of retirement ), in Spain its amount is determined by taking the regulatory base and applying the corresponding general percentage according to the number of years that the person has contributed.

If the taxpayer accesses retirement having exceeded the current ordinary age limit, then the additional percentage for extending working life must also be applied, as well as the reduction coefficient corresponding to each particular case.

Quantity is also called the sum of faculties or qualities that define an individual or a thing. That or that of a large amount, is valued and relevant. On the contrary, something small is insignificant or has little value : “We hope that López recovers soon since he is a player of great value for the team”, “I do not intend to worry about someone of the smallest amount”, “It began committing almost irrelevant crimes but then he turned to crimes of greater value “.

Another meaning of the word amount is the volume or computable quantity of a thing, which may well be goods or money, depending on the case. From a legal point of view, it is about the value of the things that are disputed in a litigation and determines the competence of the judges.

It is known by the name of provision for environmental actions, on the other hand, the amount that a company receives to meet its contractual, legal or implicit obligations, or the commitments it acquires, provided that its goal is the repair or prevention of environmental damage.

The amounts that have the objective of covering the expenses to rehabilitate the environment due to having dismantled or removed a fixed asset do not fall into this category, but must be framed in a specific account.

It is important to highlight the imprecise nature or lack of measurement that characterizes the concept of quantity, since it is often used in a merely theoretical sense, different from that given to the term quantity or amount, for example, which are usually accompanied by specific values. In other words, it is not so correct to use the word quantity in a formal text as a synonym of quantity, if the defined numerical values ​​are not being referred to, but rather what they represent, although in everyday speech it is possible to exchange them without affecting the understanding of the interlocutor.