Meaning of Will

The term agency comes from the Latin word arbitrīum. The concept refers to the will or autonomy of a person to act. For example: “Do not wait for my instructions: act according to your will”, “The officer made the decisions on his own and according to his will”, “In this organization there is free will, […]

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Meaning of Scorpion

The first thing to do in order to know the meaning of the term scorpion is to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can underline that it derives from Arabic, exactly from “al-aqrab”, which can be translated as “scorpion”. According to DigoPaul, scorpion is a term that refers to an order of arachnids […]

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Meaning of Poplar

The poplar is a tree that is part of the family group of salicaceae. With this name about forty different species that belong to the genus Populus are known. Originally from the Northern Hemisphere, the poplars were brought to the Southern Hemisphere where they also settled successfully. They can reach a significant height in a […]

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Meaning of Howl

According to DigoPaul, a howl is a scream: a forced and vehement expression that is made with a very loud sound. Howling can be a raucous shouting that arises spontaneously from great pain or sudden joy. For example: “Upon hearing the tragic news, the woman let out a scream”, “The scream of happiness from Chilean […]

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Meaning of Cupboard

If it is important to know the meaning of the term cupboard, it is also important to be clear about its etymological origin. In this case, we can establish that it is a word of Arabic origin, since it derives from “al-hizanah”, which can be translated as “wardrobe”. According to DigoPaul, the term cupboard refers […]

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Meaning of Bricklayer

A term from classical Arabic passed to Hispanic Arabic as Albanian, and this to our language as bricklayer. The concept alludes to that which is dedicated to masonry: construction that is developed using cement, sand, lime, bricks and other similar materials. Typically, the notion refers to the masonry officer or the master builder. A bricklayer, […]

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Meaning of Boast

According to DigoPaul, the verb boast refers to boasting (pomp, ostentation). Whoever boasts, in this way, boasts of or for something. For example: “I don’t want to brag, but the boss congratulated me on my project”, “Without boasting, the experienced striker reviewed his achievements and considered that he deserves a chance on the team”, “Can […]

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Meaning of Albatross

It called albatrosses to a seabird that is found mostly in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. This animal, whose feathers are white, is characterized by its large wingspan. According to DigoPaul, albatrosses are the family known as Diomedeidae and are divided into four genera and more than twenty species. At a general level, […]

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Meaning of Alarm

According to DigoPaul, alarm means the signal or warning that warns the proximity of a danger. The alarm notice informs the community at large or a specific entity (such as fire or police) that they must follow certain emergency instructions given that a threat has been presented. For example: “I think there has been a […]

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