Butt Basics


The etymology of the term butt refers to the Italian word culatta, which in turn derives from ass : the area of ​​the buttocks and the anus or, in objects, the rear or lower sector. Butt is called, in this framework, to the later part of something.

The most common use of the concept refers to the rear portion of a firearm. Pistols and shotguns can be held and gripped by the butt when it acts as a grip. In some weapons, the detonation occurs in the butt. The phrase “backfire”, in this context, refers to what happens when something does not go as planned.

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The complete expression is «to get the shot by the butt», and the verb must be conjugated according to the indirect object; for example, “He got shot in the butt”. When someone has been planning something for some time, with good or bad intentions, and, despite the preparation, things go wrong or backfire, it is common to use this expression to emphasize frustration. If we literally think of a bullet being fired “backwards”, we understand that it is something unexpected, absurd and – at the very least – unlucky for whoever is holding the gun.

Criminals often use the stock to hit other people in the absence of bullets or to save them in a hand-to-hand confrontation. This action is known as a recoil and can cause injuries of varying severity; in fact, if executed with the “right” amount of force and in the “right” area, it can kill the recipient.

In action movies and video games, the use of the recoil as a movement that complements the shots is very common, either for a stylistic issue –so to speak– that shows the heroes as people of great skill and variety of movements., or as a last resort in the event of a lack of bullets.

Another reason why an individual might choose to deliver a blow with the butt instead of a shot is the intention to minimize the noise of their attack. It is important to remember that firearms are not only used by criminals, but also by police officers and other security forces trained to protect innocent people, as well as individuals who access them through legal means.

Let’s see some example sentences with the term butt or alluding to the concept: “The thief hit the victim on the head with the butt of the revolver”, “The young man was hit in the back by the butt”, “When he ran out of bullets, the man began to hit with the butt of his pistol.

In an internal combustion engine, the sector that closes the combustion chambers is called the cylinder head or cylinder head. If it is a diesel engine, the cylinder head has openings for the injectors ; On the other hand, in the Otto engine, it has holes for the installation of the spark plugs.

It should be noted that the cylinder head is one of the most important parts of a motor vehicle, since it acts as a support for many of its elements. At first glance, it is a block of aluminum alloy or cast iron, among other metals, and its basic function is to seal the cylinders to prevent compression losses.

The rear part of the vehicles is also called a cylinder head, a meaning that in some South American countries gives rise to the expression “of cylinder head”, used with reference to reverse gear: “It is convenient for you to park in the cylinder head”, “I find it more easy to enter the garage with the butt”, “The boy wanted to do the butt maneuver but ended up crashing”.