Hallux Rigidus

Hallux Rigidus Basics

Foot pain is immediately perceived as restricting movement. If the normal rolling process over the big toe is not possible without pain for a long time, arthrosis such as hallux rigidus can be the cause. This disease does not only affect older people. What is hallux rigidus? Osteoarthritis of the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big […]

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Glottic Edema

Glottic Edema Basics

The medical term glottic edema describes an acute swelling of the larynx mucosa. With advanced glottic edema there is a risk of suffocation. What is Glottic Edema? According to DIGOPAUL, glottic edema is a life-threatening swelling of the mucous membrane (edema) in the larynx area. Glottic edema can also be referred to as laryngeal edema […]

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Epulis Basics

A benign gum tumor is called an epulis. It belongs to the group of tooth granulomas. What is an epulis? An epulis is a nodular, isolated tumor that grows on the gums and is benign in nature. The epulides are tissue growths that dentists also call granulomas. The name Epulis comes from the Greek and […]

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Gelotophobia Basics

The Gelotophobia is an anxiety disorder in the field of social phobias. Those affected have an abnormal fear of being laughed at by others and therefore withdraw socially. What is gelotophobia? Phobias are mental illnesses that are characterized by anxiety. The patients suffer from unnaturally extreme fears of certain situations, certain living beings or objects. […]

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Dorian-Gray Syndrome

Dorian-Gray Syndrome Basics

The following article deals with the causes, symptoms and treatment of Dorian-Gray syndrome. This is a mental disorder that is characterized by a strong youthfulness. Psycho- and sociologists see the causes of the syndrome in the unrealistic beauty standards of modern society. What is Dorian-Gray Syndrome? Dorian-Gray syndrome is a mental disorder that manifests itself […]

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Cheyne-Stokes Breathing

Cheyne-Stokes Breathing Basics

Cheyne-Stokes breathing is the name of a pathological form of breathing. There is a regular change in the depth of breath as well as changes in the intervals between breaths. What is Cheyne-Stokes breathing? According to DigoPaul, Cheyne-Stokes breathing is understood as a pathological breathing pattern that becomes noticeable through the swelling and decongesting of […]

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Eye Injuries

Eye Injuries Basics

There are many different types of accidents that can cause eye injuries. Since they can have serious consequences, a doctor should be consulted in any case. What are eye injuries? Due to the variety of possible eye injuries, a distinction is made between superficial and perforating eye injuries. All areas of the eye, such as […]

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Argyria Basics

Argyria is a discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes that is bluish-gray or slate-gray and is irreversible. Argyria is caused by taking silver in the form of metallic silver, drugs containing silver, colloidal silver, silver salts or silver dust. Argyria is a dyschromia disease. What is argyria? Signs of argyria show up on the […]

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Silent Society

Meaning of Silent Society

As a rule, a silent partner gives assets and the whole thing then means that a community relationship has been established. There are even legal bases in the Commercial Code, because the silent partner naturally also wants to benefit from his contribution. On the other hand, he has no obligations and therefore keeps out of […]

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Meaning of Shinto 2

Meaning of Shinto II

Evolution of Shintoism From the most archaic Shinto nature cults to modern Shinto, which groups hundreds of doctrines united by strong syncretism and with great diversity, this Japanese religion has varied a lot over the centuries. Ancient Shinto Ancient Shinto, which did not even bear the name of shinto, encompasses the religions of Japan in […]

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Meaning of Shinto 1

Meaning of Shinto I

The Shinto , Japan’s national religion, is an amalgam of beliefs and rites ancestors centered in the worship of supernatural forces called Kami. It has survived from ancient times to the present, but over the centuries it has undergone innumerable adaptations and transformations. Characterization of Shinto The name of Japan’s national religion, Shinto, was created […]

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Geographic Thought

Meaning of Geographic Thought

With the rise of geographic science, the first currents of geographic thought also appear. From the 19th century, Geography saw different conceptions about the relationship between human beings / society and the environment / space. Some currents have valued human beings more as a society and with their capacity to transform the space where they […]

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Meaning of Depreciation

Depreciation is made on the company’s fixed assets, which lose value over time through natural wear and tear and through their use. Aging, wear and tear, but also external influences, accidental damage and falling prices are the causes of impairment. These reductions in value are recorded in the accounts and referred to as depreciation. A […]

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Meaning of Commercial Register

The commercial register is a directory that provides information about the merchants registered there. Registration is mandatory for all merchants, OHGs and corporations. Small businesses and freelancers are exempt from registration. However, the question arises as to whether an entry is generally useful, as the company name is automatically protected in this way. The commercial […]

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