Intralogistics 2

Meaning of Intralogistics Part 2

Intralogistics 4.0 Intralogistics 4.0 is the final step in expanding the technological possibilities of internal logistics. The goal is not only to digitize processes, but to create intelligent, automatically communicating systems that contribute to the optimization of warehousing, planning and transport. Examples of this can be self-learning software solutions, but also intelligent containers that recognize […]

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Intralogistics 1

Meaning of Intralogistics

The term intralogistics is still comparatively new and was created to clearly differentiate logistical processes that take place within a company from other, external logistics processes. Intralogistics – definition Intralogistics includes every form of logistics that is necessary within the company. These include in particular: Incoming and outgoing goods Flow of goods within the company […]

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Commercial Letter

Meaning of Commercial Letter

Every company and every private or public household does business. Private households only benefit from this, all other economic subjects pursue commercial goals, either to maximize profits or to cover costs. From a legal point of view, a business is a conduct aimed at economic success that is linked to legal consequences. Each of these […]

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Fixed Costs

Meaning of Fixed Costs

Fixed cost definition Fixed costs are costs that occur continuously and at a constant level in a company. In addition to the variable costs, they are part of the total costs. Fixed costs are incurred at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly). They arise regardless of the workload of the employees and the amount of manufactured products […]

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Elevator Pitch

Meaning of Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch or simply “What do you do for a living?”. A freelancer or self-employed person hears this question again and again at a party or a business event. No matter where, the elevator pitch is a unique opportunity to present all the advantages of yourself and the company within a very short time. Elevator […]

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Meaning of MDAX

The MDAX share index comprises 60 medium-sized stock corporations. In terms of market capitalization and order book turnover, these follow directly on the companies listed in the DAX 30. The abbreviation MDAX is derived from the English term “mid cap” (average company size). The MDAX represents the German economy better than the DAX, since around […]

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Meaning of SDAX

When people talk about the DAX, many investors and consumers think of “the” DAX, which the media usually talk about. However, the DAX, or more precisely the DAX 30, only includes the 30 largest companies in Germany. However, since there are many more stock corporations, the DAX was expanded to include the MDAX and the […]

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Meaning of Reference Interest Rate

A reference interest rate determines the changes in variable-interest contract transactions. Such financial products mainly include savings, but also some loans. It is important that the reference interest rate cannot be influenced by either of the contracting parties, but is specified by a neutral body. If the reference interest rate changes, the interest rate on […]

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Meaning of Return

For an investor, no matter in which segment he invests his money, in the end it is the return that counts. This is not, or only rarely, identical to the interest rate. Depending on the respective capital investment, a wide variety of factors influence the return on the investment. In short, the return is determined […]

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Meaning of Owl

An owl is an animal that belongs to the strigid clade. It is a bird of nocturnal and predatory habits, characterized by having feathers that look like ears. This peculiarity makes it possible to differentiate owls from barn owls and other similar species. Of this animal it is worth knowing a series of identity signs […]

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Meaning of Bulb

Coming from the Latin word bulbus, the word bulb gives its name to a biological root structure whose format resembles a blister. The botanical presents it as a thick yolk is usually located in the underground portion of the plant and that holds reserve substances. According to DigoPaul, the bulb, therefore, is an organ that […]

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Meaning of Buchona

According to DigoPaul, buchón is one of those terms that can be understood very differently depending on the region. The same word will generate different reactions depending on how it is pronounced in Spain, Mexico or Argentina, to name three countries. The first meaning that the DigoPaul collects associates the concept with pigeons. When these […]

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Meaning of Loop

They never go out of style. Some people are fascinated and try to create them, while others lament their natural existence and try to eliminate them when they spread throughout their entire hair. We are talking about the loops, those curlers or curls that form in the hair and that give a very particular appearance. […]

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Meaning of Buddhism

The Buddhism is basically a non-theistic religion, but also represents a philosophy, a training method spiritual and psychological system. It has been developed from the teachings of the Buddha Siddharta Gautama, who lived in northeast India in the 5th century BC. The buddha or buddha is a concept that defines that individual who has managed […]

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Meaning of Good

From the Latin bonus, the adjective good makes it possible to refer to that which has goodness and, therefore, is useful, pleasant, palatable, tasty, fun or appetizing. For example: “The punk rock band has presented a very good album”, “These pants came out good, they are more than three years old and I still wear […]

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