Cheyne-Stokes Breathing

Cheyne-Stokes Breathing Basics

Cheyne-Stokes breathing is the name of a pathological form of breathing. There is a regular change in the depth of breath as well as changes in the intervals between breaths. What is Cheyne-Stokes breathing? According to DigoPaul, Cheyne-Stokes breathing is understood as a pathological breathing pattern that becomes noticeable through the swelling and decongesting of […]

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Eye Injuries

Eye Injuries Basics

There are many different types of accidents that can cause eye injuries. Since they can have serious consequences, a doctor should be consulted in any case. What are eye injuries? Due to the variety of possible eye injuries, a distinction is made between superficial and perforating eye injuries. All areas of the eye, such as […]

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Atrial Septal Defect

Atrial Septal Defect Basics

The medical professional describes a congenital heart malformation under an atrial septal defect. The problem is located directly between the atria of the heart septum; As part of the diagnosis, the doctor determines that the atria are not completely closed. What is an atrial septal defect? Abbreviated as ASD by ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG, the atrial septal defect […]

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Argyria Basics

Argyria is a discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes that is bluish-gray or slate-gray and is irreversible. Argyria is caused by taking silver in the form of metallic silver, drugs containing silver, colloidal silver, silver salts or silver dust. Argyria is a dyschromia disease. What is argyria? Signs of argyria show up on the […]

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