Duct Basics


Even Latin must go to find the etymological origin of the term duct. Specifically, we can establish that it derives from the word “ductus”, which can be translated as “guided”.

Therefore, a channel or conduit that can be used to transfer water, oil, gas or another substance is called a pipeline.

According to abbreviationfinder, a duct is a pipe. Although due to its characteristics it is usually used to transport fluids, in some cases it can be used to transport other types of products, such as cereals or cement.

According to the substance that moves inside, the duct receives different names. When the pipeline is used to transport a gas, it is called a gas pipeline. It is usually a steel pipe that is buried and through which natural gas circulates at high pressure.

An oil pipeline, on the other hand, is a pipeline used to transport oil and its derivative products. These plastic or steel pipes can be developed on the surface or underground.

Another very common pipeline is the aqueduct, intended for the transport of water. The ancient Romans were the ones who perfected the construction of aqueducts, with concrete pipes, arches and tunnels.

A bus duct is a system used to channel electrical energy inside a building. It has different bars for each phase and a bar for earth, protected by a casing.

Within the field of medicine, the term that concerns us now is also used. Thus, we can establish that, in general, in this sector it refers to a duct of the body that has very solid walls and that becomes a passageway for all kinds of excretions or secretions.

Specifically, among the most relevant pipelines we can highlight the following:

-Bile duct, which is what all the ducts that come to transport what is bile from the liver to the hepatic duct are called.

-Lymphatic duct, which is the name given to the ducts whose mission is to transport what is lymph to what is the bloodstream.

-Spermatic duct that, as its name suggests, plays a fundamental role in the transport of sperm. It is found in the testicles.

-Accessory pancreatic duct, which is essential in the functioning of the pancreas and is also known by the name of the Santorini duct.

In addition to those already mentioned, we cannot ignore the existence of other very important ducts in the body, since they play an essential role in its operation. We are referring to the common bile duct, known as the semicircular duct, which is in the inner ear, or the thoracic duct.

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