Feather Sleeping Bag Washing Instructions

Sleeping feather sleeping bags are royal categories. This is the hottest sleeping bags. Without them, no traveler, mountaineer, hiker or challenging winter can not imagine spending the night.

Feather Sleeping Bag Washing Instructions1

Feather sleeping bag in which you can sleep comfortably even in minus ten degrees, the weights can fit well into 1300 g. Sleeping bag hollow fiber will be close to 2.5 kilograms. Also feathers lifetime is doubled, and in addition, most manufacturers are able to add feathers over time.

Feather Sleeping Bag Washing Instructions2
The problem of feather sleeping bags had been a minimum calorific value of wet feathers that are “blind” and almost loses loft. The feather sleeping bags it is still important to take good care. Trying to keep the feathers dry and often ventilate it and dosušovat. Most manufacturers of feather sleeping bags but now uses materials that are not only easy, but to some extent also water resistant. Sometimes not only waterproof but even waterproof. When one adds to this natural “promaštěnost” feathers, so you no longer need to use a sleeping bag in the damp and fear.

Feather Sleeping Bag Washing Instructions3
It is also a difference between the actual feathers. Commonly used goose and duck feathers. Of the two, it was goose feather quality and at a lower weight outperform loft.

Co je to LOFT

The ability of the smallest possible amount of feathers fill the largest possible space.
Maximum loft achieves the highest quality feathers. Unfortunately, it takes a long time is so delicate feathers inhales expands and loft “scoops”. Therefore, adding even stronger and heavier feathers, although that value worsen but improve the speed with which the loft “scoops” and a sleeping bag to start functioning.
The ratio of coarse dust and feathers is expressed as percent ratio. For the above reason 100/0 find, but 90/10 (90% and down 10% gross).

Wash feather sleeping bags

Sleeping bag is needed to wash the hands and preferably using friendly detergents. Top Nikwax  Down Wash, Sportwash, or similar. The washing machine can be used only in case of a necessity, but only at low speeds and a really great (a lot kg) and rather small sleeping. Otherwise, not only destroy the feathers, but also the washing machine, as sleeping bag absorbs large quantities of water and a motor able to cope. After washing, leave to drain and dry sleeping bag first exposed, later (when it goes) so hung – always the best in the horizontal position. Taking care, of course, follow the symbols on the labels sleeping bags. Not just the feathers themselves, but are different interior and exterior materials!
In any case, wash the sleeping bag is hard work and very time-consuming and therefore really pays to have a sleeping bag professionally launder best manufacturer. For example, wash sleeping bags WARMPEACE costs 280 CZK, wash with impregnation 360 CZK. The price is necessary to add 2 × postage (from us way to suppliers and from suppliers back to us; some 210Kč) request, we will arrange  in our stores.
When you opt for a sleeping bag of feathers, will reward you with a royal comfort-sleeping “as in swaddling clothes”! When you reward him with proper care, you’ll both be happy and long journey to winter for you will be happy!


On the down sleeping bags are specialized firms Warmpeace and Mountain Equipment, the menu is also have another good brand. All “shuttlecock” pohoromadě find  here.