How to Celebrate Children's Day PART I

On 12 October day, children’s day, do different. You can’t be a day just to win presents! Should be a day for the child really party! Have fun with it! The series “special children’s day” …

Here are some tips on how to celebrate the children’s day out of sameness.

  1.   Children’s day without a computer and television. On children’s day, proposes fun activities outside of dull routine. Time to engage, interact and get back to the kids!
  2.   Picnic. The city, choose a square or a park and picnic with the kids! You will see how it’s going to be fun!
  3.   Tours by your city! Anything goes!Spend the day on walks at the Zoo, Science Museum, hiking in the Park, aquariums, sights of the city or any other place that the child can have fun!
  4.   Today can eat what the child wants. On that day, the child may choose the menu! What she likes to eat? What she’s willing to eat? Don’t replace lunch for fast food! She wants to eat pasta? All right! But want a burger instead of lunch? Not so much! Restricted choices. You can also take it to go eat somewhere that she likes and have fun! Give legal options for the child.
  5.   Film Session. All children’s day, the cinemas are full of children’s movies. In your town doesn’t have a movie? All right! Valley home cinema session with friends and popcorn!
  6.   Colorful children’s day! Develop coloring activity with several little friends! Want to know how to do? Click here: ” Colorful children’s day “.
  7.   Puppet theater. Get some puppets, do some theatrics and play with the kids! You will enjoy it a lot! To improvise, it’s worth to use the dolls (dolls too!).
  8.   Read stories! Join the kids and get many books. Each choose and tell a story. Everyone gets hold of participation.
  9.   Cook along with the children. How about get those easy recipes that kids can make and let them make under your supervision. Nothing of talking your way is right! Let them do freely with certain autonomy. If you want, you can just ask them to help in the kitchen fun! Use children’s books to cookbooks to help you choose easy recipes that children can participate. Don’t think that men cannot participate. Joke guaranteed for all! Don’t neglect of children in the kitchen!
  10.   Theater. Take them to the theater. If in your town doesn’t have, a good option is to make a puppet Playhouse among children with some educational theme. (See item 7).

Liked these ideas? Want to see more options to celebrate with the kids? Read here: “How to celebrate the children’s day-part II”.
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