How to Celebrate Children's Day PART II

The series “special children’s day”, continue reading the second part of tips with ideas for you to celebrate the children’s day!Good for teachers, parents, bridesmaids/groomsmen, uncles/aunts, cousins/cousins, among others that love to play with the kids! So let all the children’s day anyway? Change! Do different.
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  1. Day to choose a book. Go to a bookstore, take the child session and let the child choose a book. Can be a great gift! In addition, if you do this kind of thing since small, can encourage reading.
  2. Take the children to get in touch with nature. Valley farm, fish-pay, farm-style restaurants that may have contact with animals, camps for children and walk in the Park.
  3. Ride a bike.If the child is already old enough to ride a bike.Take her to ride a bike in a safe place, enjoy the Sun, shining day! They love to ride a bike with family.
  4. Go to the Club. What child doesn’t like water, ball and have fun at the Club?Little fun with the family. Take a sun! Fun! Joy!
  5. Play board games. Gather the entire family and the little friends (as), perform competitions! Games like: “monopoly”, “guess who”, “Scotland yard”, “junior” quest, “Scrabble”, among others. Check the age recommendation on each game.There are versions of these games for older children and minors.
  6. Karaoke Session.How about gather all (family and kids) for a singing at home?You can even do a mini-confraternizaçãozinha for children. Let the children dance, sing and enjoy it a lot! Have fun with them! You will love it! For younger children, it’s worth singing the songs of the little school and CDs for children.
  7. Play House or stand with the child (to a broccolini).Who says kids don’t like to play with adults?Interact with them. Play, chat and have fun! Become a kid too!
  8. Video game Session.How about gather all the guys, including the family, for a session of several video games games-game?Wouldn’t it be nice? Just can’t leave all the children’s day if you restrict it.
  9. Assemble puzzles! Join everyone and go “break your head” to get all the little pieces.This can be fun and render good laughs! See indication of age group in the puzzle. The idea here is for older children. Short!
  10. Mount a scavenger hunt with all classmates divided into two teams.You can include recreation games involving various skills.This could put a lot of time and energy! Have fun! Children’s day.

I bet you had fun just to read these ideas to cheer up the children’s day of recreational and fun way! It’s worth it! Enjoy! Become a child. Play!
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