How to Transform the Style of Your Wardrobe? Get to Know These 5 Tips!

Are you tired of all that you have in the cabinet? Want to transform the style of your wardrobe? This will change everything can arise for issues of maturity, change of preferences or for personal issues (ex. new job, start college, dating, recent, etc), but the good news, regardless of the reason, is that it is perfectly possible!

How to Transform the Style of Your Wardrobe Get to Know These 5 Tips! 1

But, to build your new style, you need to follow some steps. For this reason, we have prepared 5 tips that will be very helpful in this transition.

1. To get started: desapegue!

To make a transition of the change of style, it means get rid of pieces you no longer use (or uses little), and replacing them with others that fit the best with your new moment.

The first step is to choose the one that, definitely, is no longer part of your style. There are some parts that really don’t translate more of their personality and, to that new items to take, clothes in disrepair need to get out. And there are basically two basic ways of doing this: by selling or donating.

If your choice is to sell parts that do not make the most sense with your style, the website Enjoei can be a great option. The operation is very simple: you advertise the products you want to sell on the platform, and people from all over Brazil can make a proposal to to purchase their items. For those who are needing to make a money can be a great exit!

The idea of a bake sale with these clothes is also great, because you also get money for their next shopping spree. But, if that money does not make much of a difference, donate! There is always someone in need and share is an act of very unselfish and necessary.

How to Transform the Style of Your Wardrobe Get to Know These 5 Tips! 2

2. Choose the ideal colors

The colors of your clothes say a lot about your personality and, especially, about their style. Which line are you thinking about doing from here?

If you’re tired of t-shirts very much stamped and those ripped jeans, your ideal choice can be a line most basic. And the colors should follow this trend: in the shades of dark, such as black, white, grey and nuances in pastel, are the most indicated.

The sustainability , for example, is a challenge and very contemporary. In other words, time to renew the wardrobe, it’s very much worth to bet on companies involved with this subject. In summary: go beyond aesthetics and make a change, aware and engaged!

How to Transform the Style of Your Wardrobe Get to Know These 5 Tips! 3

3. Have timeless pieces

Fashion is dynamic and guided only by her all the time can be dangerous and very costly. Trends trigger the excessive consumption and strengthen the fast fashions, companies that sell everything that is in fashion for a low cost, but use unjust systems of production. In addition, the fashion passes and you can stay in the hand if you do not have some parts the joker.

The timeless pieces are ideal for that you do not become a hostage of fashions, and (best of all) blend in with any style. Have these items in your closet minimize substantially the risk of fail to compose the visual. Here are some suggestions:

  • pants: jeans and black
  • jackets: denim and leather
  • t-shirts: black and white
  • shoes: black and white
  • shirts: plaid, black and white

Transform the style of your wardrobe can be easier than it seems, especially if you follow these tips! Now that you’re ready for the transition, get to know brands of shoes and accessories that use sustainable materials.