How to Use Dry Flour to Slim Down Tummy

Currently many people are using the dry flour belly, to just lose unwanted belly, many famous so they are using the product and so he ends up having an indirect marketing, in which the product ends up showing result with the famous and so ends up being much sought after.

First what is the dry flour belly? This flour is a blend of more than 15 types of flours, of the following items: goji berry, BlackBerry, passion fruit, ginger, hibiscus, green tea, tea, Golden linseeds, papaya, carrot, Plum, Apple, white beans, chia, black soybeans, grape, Eggplant and green bananas. The cool thing that a lot of items are used to dry the belly, but alone, the advantage of dry flour belly is to gather all of these items into one, thus increasing a lot the result against the belly.
How to use the dry flour belly in order to lose weight
A lot of people have questions on how to use the dry flour belly. The beauty of this flour that she can be added to juices, smoothies and shakes. Be careful with your intake, so don’t go using the flour into everything you consume. First it is important you consult your nutritionist so he can fit the flour in your diet, so you will achieve positive and satisfactory results.
The model Muri which is Assistant Stage Manager Rodrigues in Legendary program, Rede Record, she is one of the famous who use the product. She has a dry and set, uses the flour by adding a tablespoon of flour in a glass of water, milk or juice, for up to three times a day before the main meals.
To buy you will find several brands of the product, the flour can be found on the internet at several online stores and in specialty stores. The price of dry flour belly varies in an average of $ 22-33 R$, the pot of 250 grams.