Huawei P10 Reaches for the Crown

The Huawei P10 is a Smartphone star of the young year. What makes the metal Smartphone and if it has weaknesses, the test reveals.

Huawei P10 Reaches for the Crown

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona passed this year without that Samsung has unveiled its new S model. In recent years, the Koreans the fair took advantage for the flagship premiere. This year, other top smartphones had more space on the main show stage. In addition to the New models of Sony and the LG G6 was also the Huawei P10 in the spotlight – the new star of the Chinese has been presented at the almost typical of Samsung great. has tested the slender metal boy.

Surprises have become rare in the Smartphone industry. But Huawei’s decision to relocate the fingerprint sensor from the rear on the mobile front, was for many unexpected and encountered much skepticism: why should you lay the scanner to the front, where he unnecessarily take place?After all other manufacturers currently attempting the display to give the greatest possible place – how well the goes, proves with the LG 18:9-display of the G6.

Voluptuous Metal

The reason for laying: Huawei has listened to customer wishes. You can see what’s the consequences, if you put the G6 in addition to the P10. The housing of the LG flagship with 5.7 inch display is barely larger than the P10 with its 5.1 inch screen. The good news is, one perceives the difference only in direct comparison. Because thanks to its thin 7-millimeter case, the rounded corners and on the sides and almost rimless display the P10 is extremely slim and handy.

Huawei P10 Reaches for the Crown 3
Is actually similar to good and flattering in the hand like an iPhone 7-well that is not a shining model for good use of space, but compact and easy to use.The matte or laser-grooved metal also covered the entire back, only at the top is a recess made of glass for the dual camera with Leica logo. The plastic strips for the antennas are virtually invisible in the housing. Thus a noble and beautiful Smartphone Huawei succeeded-perhaps the most beautiful of the company’s history.

Leica-Knipse Zooms Well In

The camera with Leica software is a central feature as already in the P9 : Huawei sets at the P10 in contrast to the slightly better equipped plus model on the same camera, which is the mate of 9 as a combination of 20-Megapixel-(MP)-Black and white sensor and a 12-MP-snapping for the color information. Thus, it should be possible under other lossless dual zoom 12 MP photos confirming the test. Make larger extracts from recordings with zoom and zoom at the same size, details in the pictures with dual zoom are more obvious and less strongly to sharpened. With the maximum resolution of 20 MP stands but no digital zoom available.

The bokeh effect of Huawei P10 can look really great.

The camera shoots even better images without zoom. She is quick, fast focus and covers a sufficiently high dynamic range. An optical image stabilizer helps in low light and provides videos for good shots. The many setting options, the professional mode, as well as the unrivalled good night shot function are useful. A slight vignette about the image is placed in the portrait mode, also is the background blur artificially, to mimic the depth of field of a SLR camera (Bokeh). A similar effect of offering “Large diaphragm”-mode. Here at Abbreviationfinder you can get more different models of the phones.

Huawei P10 Reaches for the Crown 2
Both are but only digital effects are not always exactly working – just at the edges between foreground and background calculation error creeps in quickly, so that the blur is not correctly applied. Still, The P10 has a great camera, is on the market for the best. Also the front lens shoots good and appealing Selfies, here too there is a portrait mode with blur effect.

Strong Performance, Good Software

The performance of the P10 is beyond doubt, ensure the rapid Kirin-960-chip and 4 gigabytes of memory. The fingerprint scanner is working correctly and quickly, the user interface responsive smart, apps launch quickly and without delay.

User interface, users have the choice between the Huawei default view without app drawer (like in iOS) or the usual Android version with app drawer. In the settings menu there are still many more customization options, including an Augenschon mode with less amount of blue in the display or the possibility of using “App Twin” double to install an app like Facebook or Whatsapp and they at the same time two different accounts to use.

Nice extra and a small consolation for all those who want to have like so much screen as possible: The navigation buttons on the brilliant full-HD LCD display can be hidden, the fingerprint scanner then takes over their tasks. A long press leads back to the home screen, a short push back depending on a level, and a side wiper calls the recently opened apps. This requires short familiarisation, is then but intuitive and comfortable to use. Something too bad: Be subsequent direction bar can no longer close itself through a vertical wipe up and back.

Huawei P10 Reaches for the Crown

P10 Is A King

The 3200 mAh battery with normal use a full day by and has charged dinner usually around 20 percent. About USB-C he is recharged fast-the enclosed charger creates 60 percent in 50 minutes. An audio input sits at the bottom, Huawei follows so still not the trend to delete the jack plug. An IP certificate does not exist, but thanks to so-called nano-coating, the components in the Interior against moisture are protected.
Criticisms there at the P10 actually isn’t: who likes the finger scanner at the front or at least accept him, gets currently no other Android Smartphone, which is at the same time as slim, handy, noble and technically demanding as the Huawei’s flagship. And while other manufacturers put back on glass back, Huawei uses a metal casing that is high quality and less prone to grease traces and fingerprints. Thus, the P10 is a real iPhone alternative, and one of the Kings of the Smartphone, the first half – at least until the launch of the Galaxy S8.