Looks for The Holidays: Elegant or Casual? Tea Help Choose

We started the era of lunch and Christmas dinner, more formal events and others more casual where we are going to celebrate Christmas. The eternal dilemma when choosing our styling for the holidays is right each time. What is the best?
Elegant or casual? We will help you to choose according to the occasion and you can even mix both styles if the event requires it. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable want to know our proposals? Don’t miss detail of what we have prepared for you!

Do you feel lost among the proposals from the shops?

Already we have been coming the heavy artillery of the marks for these dates and now up to us to take the plunge and decide between all those piles of clothing. Where do we start? It is very easy, let’s start thinking about options.
Sure that you have a food company or with friends and is at noon. Here the dresscode, unless you come tax and specified by the company, It should be casual. The keys are basic: shoes, jeans (dark) or Chinese type pants, shirt and if want to knit, preferably without stamping.
For the top, you can opt for a a coat or American and and only worry that start endless table tops, tops with colleagues and that duck down when you come back to work the next day (I hope that your colleagues are as of the photos).
But if some of these work events with night It is assumed that this requires a little more than elegance. Not everything is in the suit with the tie, hosts dark colours, straight lines, and this time, bet on the blazer. A gimmick, if you prefer the suit with tie, do without falling into the party, nothing Glitters, velvet and bow tie much less time for a working meeting.

Christmas Eve and new year’s Eve what to wear?

In this eternal debate between the casual and the elegant Here we have two options in which depending on how celebrate them it we will choose one style or the other. In general Christmas Eve It is a much more casual, and family occasion where many times we will take to be in the family even after dinner.
If that’s the Protocol, We want to go in costume, as pretty by those not provide us too seriously. Use less sober colors and accompany them with details like straps or colorful scarf. But you can also find a more relaxed option and bet on options similar to which they spoke before the lunch or dinner company. I honestly prefer to add a tie on my shirt and put the jersey will have to wear a suit that as family day.
With new year’s Eve things change enough. It is the time to bet by a look in black and white, get our heavy artillery of elegance and add our bow tie. Tuxedo? If the answer is Yes you stay tuned in Jezebel man because we’re going to tell all about it. If you prefer a normal suit, choose the model with which you feel most comfortable, is going to be a very long night.
Here our duel of styles. I hope that you have been clear and that you’ve assimilated the information because we will come back to teach you the looks that you must imitate to succeed this holiday season. I hope!