Meaning of Abrupt


The adjective brusque, which could come from the Slavic bresk, the Welsh brysg or the pre-Roman brūsko, refers to that or that surly, rough, rude, rude or violent. For example: “You don’t have to play so rough with your little brother: you can hurt him”, “The young man escaped from his captor with a sudden movement”, “The crash was caused by a sudden maneuver by the truck driver”.

Despite the above, perhaps the theory that is considered most accurate regarding the etymological origin of the term brusque is the one that determines that it is in the name of a plant called brusque, which is wild and is very thorny. Name that can be the result of the crossing of the Gallic “brisgo” and the Latin “ruscus”.

Suppose a soccer player is brusque. This athlete will have a tendency to make excessive use of physical force, even beyond the regulations. The footballer’s attitude can put the integrity of his rivals at risk since, even if he has no bad intention, rough play can cause injuries.

Something abrupt can also be classified as abrupt. If the temperature recorded in the morning in a city is 15º C and hours later the thermometer reaches 32º C, it can be said that there was a sudden change in temperature. An abrupt unevenness, on the other hand, can be a jump in the ground that occurs without a previous slope or decline.

In the same way, we can underline that within the field of music the term that is now at hand is also used. A good example of this is the title of one of the songs by the Spanish singer and producer Juan Manuel Magán González, better known as Juan Magán. We are referring to the single: “Fast, abrupt and violent”, which was released in 2017 and which the aforementioned artist performs together with the duo BNK (the Ebblis brothers and Kelly Valdivia).

Of course it should not be overlooked that also in the field of cinema we find different films that have the word that we are now analyzing in their titles. An example of this is the feature film “Brusco waking up.” It is a production that premiered in 2012, which is part of the action genre and whose director is Mabrouk El Mechri.

Sigourney Weaver, Bruce Willis, Verónica Echegui or Henry Cavill are the main actors in this film that begins when the main man discovers that his family has been kidnapped. Foreign agents have taken her prisoner in order to get the briefcase that the father has stolen.

Brusco can also be a surname. Sebastián Brusco is a former Argentine footballer who developed an outstanding career in the First Division of his country, playing for clubs such as Belgrano de Córdoba, Racing Club de Avellaneda and Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata. He was also part of the Toros Neza de México team.

Luis Ignacio Brusco, finally, is a neurologist, psychiatrist and doctor of Philosophy born in 1964 in the City of Buenos Aires (Argentina). He is the founder of the Argentine Neuropsychiatric Association.