Meaning of Adjustment


The first thing to do in order to know the meaning of the term adjustment is to discover its etymological origin. In this case, it should be noted that it is a word that derives from Latin and that can be translated as “action and effect of accommodating”. It is the result of the sum of two clearly recognizable components:
-The prefix “ad-“, which is equivalent to “towards”.
-The adjective “iustus”, which is synonymous with “just”.

Adjustment is called the process and the result of adjusting. This verb, for its part, can refer to getting something to fit something else or to ensuring that there are no differences or disagreements between two or more elements.

The notion of adjustment is used in different contexts. If we focus on the field of mechanics, the adjustment consists of exerting a certain pressure or making a certain movement so that two parts can be coupled or fit together.

Typically, this setting refers to the different parts of a machinery or a gear. To achieve the fit, the pieces must have particular shapes and sizes; otherwise they will not fit. This is why many parts must be manufactured in compliance with certain standards.

Beyond machines, we can think of the idea of fit when we screw something on. According to the number of turns we make the screw, we will obtain more or less adjustment.

The concept of adjustment is also used in the field of economics. In this case, these are measures that seek to end an imbalance in the accounts. Generally, adjustment involves cutting costs to achieve a balance between income and disbursements. If a government pushes for a state adjustment, chances are that the public budget will be cut or taxes will be increased.

In recent times, with the proliferation of certain technology, the term we are addressing is increasingly used. Thus, when we have a mobile phone or a tablet, for example, we have a section called Settings, from which we can carry out a host of actions in order to customize the device as much as possible.

Specifically, through this section, we have the possibility of undertaking tasks such as these:
-Quick changes in terms of sounds and notifications, screen, themes or security lock.
-Changes regarding the connections used, such as Wifi or Bluetooth.
-Customizations of the appearance of the screen or even in terms of applications. In this last sense they can, for example, be deleted.
-From a personal point of view, in the Settings section you can also set the desired parameters regarding accounts, accessibility, privacy, security or funds.
-Also this section allows you to access and modify system criteria in terms of language, storage, date and time and even know the status of the battery.

Lastly, the expression “settling of accounts” refers to a crime that is carried out as a response or retaliation to a previous action. If a drug trafficker kills one of his distributors because he did not give him the money for the drugs he traded, there can be talk of a reckoning.