Meaning of Brutal


From the Latin brutālis, brutal is an adjective that is used to name what is typical of animals due to their irrationality or violence. The quality of brute is called brutality.

For example: “The councilor had to be treated in the hospital after a brutal attack by protesters”, “A brutal explosion in a carafe factory left 28 dead”, “The Dutch defender was suspended for eight dates after committing a brutal offense that fractured a rival ”, “ The victim died from two brutal blows to the skull ”.

When a person commits a violent act, they speak of a brutal action. A murder, a beating, a rape or the destruction of a school are events that can be considered brutal.

Something very big or intense, on the other hand, can also be called brutal. If someone comments that “A brutal shouting prevented the president’s speech, ” he will be referring to the fact that the noise was so loud that the president could not express himself.

According to DigoPaul, it is known as brutal death metal to a musical subgenre within death metal. This subgenre is often considered the most extreme due to its fast pace, deep voices and lyrics that deal with death, disorders or diseases.

In the decade of the 90’s, and specifically in the North American city of New York, it seems that the origin of this mentioned musical style is found. Bands such as the Canadian Cryptopsy, the Belgian Aborted, the Brazilian Krisiun and the American Dying Fetus take a special role in it.

Also within the musical field, we would have to highlight the existence of a record work entitled “Brutal volume”. In 1982 it was when this album, which belongs to one of the most famous heavy metal groups in Spain, hit the market. We are referring to Red Baron.

“Rockers go to hell”, “The flowers of evil”, “The baron flies over England” or “Give me the opportunity” are some of the songs that shape this album, which was recorded entirely in London. It should be noted that it is considered one of the best rock albums in Spain and one of the 250 best of all time worldwide.

When the police commit a brutal act, they speak of police brutality. These actions, which involve the excessive use of physical force, verbal attacks and threats, are considered a deviation from normal police conduct and are punishable by internal regulations and the law.

Police brutality is a term that is used to refer to some actions that those professionals of the State security of a country carry out to face, for example, a demonstration.

Thus, there have been cases in Spain, in which it is considered that the police have exceeded the use of force, causing damage to civilians who simply passed by the scene of the events or countering the actions of citizens with excessive harshness.