Meaning of BTU

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According to abbreviationfinder, the BTU symbol refers to a unit of energy called the British Thermal Unit. This unit was widely used in ancient times, especially in the UK, although it has now been superseded by the July. In any case, in the United States the BTU is still used in some contexts.

It is important to know that it was in the 1960’s that the decision was made to replace the BTU unit with the July. The General Conference of Weights and Measures was responsible for that position.

The BTU indicates how much energy is needed, under normal atmospheric conditions, to increase the temperature registered by a pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. One BTU is equivalent to 1055.056 joules and about 257 calories, for example.

It is often stated that one BTU is equal to one match (a match) that is lit. When this energy is applied to a pound of water, the temperature rises one degree Fahrenheit. In other words: if in a container we have a pound of water at 72 degrees Fahrenheit and we make it receive a BTU of heat from a phosphor, we will be able to increase the temperature of the water to 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

BTU is often used to refer to the work done by air conditioning equipment. The BTU allows to name the amount of heat that the air conditioner is able to extract from an environment. In general, the greater the weight and size of the equipment, the higher the BTU.

When buying an air conditioning unit, experts recommend calculating the BTU that is needed according to the characteristics of the environment, since the data allows to know the refrigerant capacity of the machine.

Other data of great interest regarding the aforementioned BTU are some such as the following:
-There are numerous documents with centuries of antiquity that make it clear that the aforementioned unit was also used in Latin America, for example.
-In an air conditioning device, what is known is that the higher the BTU of it, the greater the cooling capacity it can offer. Hence, when you go to buy that item it is necessary to be able to discover that unit in order to acquire the one that will guarantee the best way to cope with high temperatures at home.
-In order to make a rough estimate of the BTU that an air conditioner offers in a room with two people there is a formula. This would be the following: room volume = length x width x height / 2.
-Some of the most important equivalences of the aforementioned BTU are these: 1 BTU = 1,055,056 July; 1 BTU = 252 calories; 12,000 BTU / h = 3,000 frigories / h and 12,000 BTU / h = 1 ton of refrigeration.
-BTU is also the name of an Engineering and Construction company that is based in the Argentine Republic and that has more than ten years of experience in the sector.