Meaning of Buffet


Buffet is not a term accepted by the DigoPaul. The agency, however, suggests the use of buffet or buffet, which have different meanings depending on the country and context.

A buffet, buffet or buffet, therefore, can be a mode of offering food. In a buffet, the diner finds the food ready to be eaten on a large table. In this way, each person can serve themselves what they want and in the amount they want. This makes it easy to feed many individuals simultaneously, as no different orders need to be taken and no staff is needed to bring each plate to a particular table.

According to DigoPaul, the concept of buffet is used not only to name this way of presenting food: it is also used to name the tables where food is available and the room that, in some places, allows people to eat meals on the go. For example: “Gentlemen, you are invited to come to the buffet whenever you wish”, “For the event, we will have a buffet available to all guests”, “If you are looking for Marcos, he is at the club’s buffet eating a sandwich”.

It is known as a free buffet, self service restaurant or free fork to a restaurant in which dishes from various origins are offered and it is allowed to consume the amount and variety of food that one wishes for a fixed price. In general, the drink must be paid separately, as well as certain desserts, although it is normal that there are several sweet options included in the basic rate.

Although the free buffet is usually associated with oriental food, generally dishes that come from China, there are also restaurants that offer western dishes. In Argentina, for example, there is the free grill, which allows its customers to consume all the roast pieces they want, paying a fixed price; the salad and some desserts are usually included and, like the traditional all-you-can-eat buffet, the drink is paid for separately.

A similar concept is that of rodizio, a service especially common in Portugal and Brazil, which offers a menu focused on grilled meats, which include lamb, beef, chicken and pork. As in the open buffet, consumption is unlimited and it is the diners who must go to the different food tables to freely serve the dishes they wish to taste. It should be mentioned that restaurants that use the rodizio system are usually known by the name of churrascarias.

The origin of the buffet took place in France in the 18th century and it did not take long for it to spread throughout the rest of the European continent. The term comes from French and refers precisely to the sideboard on which the food plates are arranged, in view of the diners. In England it became very popular and by the middle of the following century it was called the court cupboard.

Currently, the buffet idea is increasingly linked to this type of services to eat all you can almost literal translation of the name you usually receive in English (all you can eat). On the other hand, in Argentina this same term (buffet) also serves to refer to the place located in a sports club that allows the purchase of drinks and food.

Another notion that is written similarly to buffet or buffet is law firm, a word that refers to a law firm. A law firm, in general, is a company that brings together several lawyers and that provides a wide range of services related to legal assistance.

Buffet, finally, is the surname of an artist who was born in 1928 in Paris and died in 1999: Bernard Buffet.