Meaning of Bushing


The Latin word buxis, which can be translated as “box”, came to our language as a buje. The term refers to the part that, in a machine, supports an axis and allows it to rotate.

The bushing can be a simple element that is limited to supporting a metal cylinder or a set of pieces that make up a connection point. It can be said that the hub constitutes the end of an axle, on which the wheel center is mounted.

You can find hubs in systems having vanes, blades or wheels spinning. The fans, for example, have a bushing which confers to the rotor support. The bikes also feature bushings, whose characteristics change according to the rotation system.

In cars, bushings allow the connection of pivot points and different moving arms with the suspension and chassis. These bushings typically feature flexible materials to reduce wear, noise transmission and vibration. In turn, an internal tube provides protection to said flexible materials so that they do not collapse.

At a general level, it can be said that bushings fulfill functions in the sectors of a machine where friction of metallic components occurs. Not only are they responsible for absorbing that friction, facilitating the coupling or movement of the parts, but they also minimize noise and dampen vibrations. In the case of suspension bushings, to name one type of bushing, they give flexibility to the moving components while retaining a certain degree of hardness to guarantee control.

In addition to the foregoing, we can point out another series of interesting facts about the piece called hub:
-In the market can find a wide variety of hubs, such as bronze, the steely, the bipartite, the babbitados…
If we have Taking into account what car engines are, it is usual that there they have babbitados bushings. These are identified by the fact that they are coated with an alloy that offers significant resistance to friction.
-It is considered that the main objective of every hub is to reduce the expenses that a person has to carry out with their vehicles, for example. And it is an inexpensive replacement. It is cheaper to replace it than to replace other more expensive parts.
-Something fundamental that must be done so that the hub works properly and, in addition, it remains in perfect condition is to carry out a good lubrication of it. And that is something that must be done with a lubricant that must be chosen taking into account factors such as pressure, working temperature, the resistance to humidity that said part has and even what its operating speed is.
-When buying a hub for a bicycle wheel, different important factors must be taken into consideration to find the right one. Thus, for example, it is essential to think about whether it is for the front wheel or the rear wheel.