Good Treatment

Meaning of Good Treatment


The concept of dealing refers to the action and effect of dealing. This verb has various meanings, such as proceeding with a person (either in deed or word) or the relationship with an individual.

Treatment can be understood as the way of communicating or establishing a bond with another person or with a group of subjects. For example: “He is a nice boy, very nice in everyday life”, “I can’t stand when parents treat their children that type”, “I feel comfortable with the treatment they give me at the company, but I think that I cannot grow professionally ”.

The notion of good treatment is linked to the type of treatment that is considered ethical or correct from a moral point of view. If there is a good deal (approved and applauded), there is another deal that can be condemned: mistreatment.

According to DigoPaul, good treatment at the family level is achieved when the person provides the space and time to interact with their children or their partner, with joy and willing to discover the needs of the other.

When promoting good treatment within the family and society between adults and young people, a series of values ​​or pillars are established that are fundamental to be able to achieve that. Among them are communication, mutual knowledge, respect or love.

It is also advised that it is essential to allow the child’s autonomy, to always put himself psychologically in the position of the other person to be able to understand him or to identify the emotions.

It is important to establish that there are various pacts to promote good treatment with regard to children. In many countries, actions are carried out to achieve this and that are based on what the rights of the smallest are.

However, in addition to all the above, it is significant to determine that good treatment is also essential not only at a social or family level but also commercially. Specifically, we are referring to what is the attention that in any business or company is offered to the client because only in this way will it be possible for the client to acquire the products, contract the services and even later trust the same entity again.

In this regard, the keys to good treatment are to offer security, use both simple and close body and verbal language, know how to listen, be respectful and friendly, provide courtesy and sympathy, show good professionalism, give an image of reliability and even make it clear that you are credible.

At the labor or social level in general, good treatment appears linked to respect and solidarity. The use of expressions such as “please” or “thank you” is part of the good treatment.

Good treatment, however, is not only expressed through words, but can also be seen in physical contact (a kiss, a handshake, a hug) or in attitudes (pay attention when another person speaks, leave pass a pregnant woman in a row, pick up a piece of paper that an old man dropped and give it back).

Good Treatment